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Why a Shaman?

Kazgrel isn’t my first shaman; I originally played a shaman on the Dalaran server. Couple of RL friends played there as horde, and at that point, I had not played a horde character, so while thumbing through the various race/class combinations I could start up with, I ended up settling on being an orc shaman. I played Warcraft 3 years before WoW came out, and whenever I played the Orc campaigns, I always thought the shaman were cool as hell with lightning shields and that crazy ass bloodlust spell…especially with the sound effect and watching the grunts double in size…heh. The whole “use the powers of the elements to kick ass” aspect of the WoW shaman was also cool; it didn’t seem as pacifist as playing druid…I wanted to burn and electrocute stuff, not hug trees…heh. Turned out to be a good choice; out of 4 friends, 3 rolled warrior, the other hunter…so guess who had to be a healbot? I was TERRIBLE at it, too…I remember almost exclusively healing with lesser healing wave, but to be fair, I don’t remember chain heal being a standout spell back then compared to how it is now. Old school windfury totem combined with strength of earth and 3 warriors made for some entertaining dungeon runs, though…stuff would drop in a blink if the two arms warrior procced windfury. Oh, and to emphasize how much of a noob I was…tailoring and enchanting. Simple reason: We needed bags and enchants…heh. I look at how I played back then and I can’t help but think “Damn, I was one helluva noob”.

That shaman is no more, though, but the spirit lives on with Kaz, minus the total retardation. Studying and understanding the mechanics of all abilities, combined with better itemization (silly spirit on shaman gear…go away!) have led to me resembling a competent shaman.

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