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A Tale of Two Yoggs

The guild I’m now a part of, Lowered Expectations, is a pretty solid guild. We aren’t the top guild on the server (Alliance rule the roost here), but we do a respectable job. We’ve made steady progress through Ulduar, save for the 2-3 week span where filling a raid was nigh impossible. That is, until we met our lovely friend Yogg-Saron. Apparently, not standing near/in moving green clouds is a difficult task…this past week, we’ve had fun dancing in them, so it seems. I will admit that I’ve failed at not avoiding them a couple of times…and by a couple, I mean literally 2, maybe 3 times total; when I do, I make it known I fucked up, plus it also alerts tanks that there will be another add to grab. The week before that, our melee group for phase 2 had to sort things out in order to put some serious deeps on the brain.

Now how is this the tale of 2 Yoggs? 2 or 3 weeks ago, a select group of us ventured into Ulduar 10 man and proceeded to 1 shot Yogg…with only 2 healers. No deaths, so we got credit towards the Champion of Ulduar title along the way. It felt ridiculously easy on 10 man compared to the 25 man counterpart; that said, Ulduar 10 as a whole feels retardedly easier than the 25 man version.

We have all of tonight to dedicate to kicking the shit out of Yogg. I really really REALLY want to get this done. Sure, I have my sights set on Soulscribe, but that’s beside the point; I want our guild listed as one of the Yogg-killing guilds instead of being cock-blocked for yet another 2-3 days (or more).

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