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Finally…after what seems like 2 months, Yogg-Saron is dead on 25 for our guild. A solid job, too; we went from wiping due to retardation during phase 1 to owning it thanks to making adjustments. Once we got to where we didn’t have a bazillion adds up at the transition to phase 2, phase 2 became pretty easy. Melee group started putting a beatdown on the brain, and we ranged were able to keep the crushers down and even work on corruptors temporarily. Phase 3 got to be pretty wild; we got owned twice by a new crusher forming right at the end of phase 2…boo. I was designated as the assist for phase 3 on our kill, and it was dicey because my PC decided to start lagging. We had ranged switch to Yogg at 5% to burn him down.

Something I observed that perhaps I shouldn’t do: I have this nasty habit of just giving out orders for folks on what to do during fights. I don’t single people out (barring things like “get so-and-so out of the constrictor”), but when I see a need for a sense of direction, I give it out. We had our ranged group split off in all sorts of directions when told to “go that way”, so I assumed responsibility for directing the ranged on where to move to so we didn’t split off. It worked out last night, but one of these days, I’ll tell folks to zig when they should zag…and I’ll look stupid for it.

Anyway, we’re savoring the moment for now. Yogg was a pain in the dick/vagina for a while for us; having 2-3 weeks (maybe more) where we couldn’t field a full raid didn’t help us one bit, but we are now approaching the point where we have full raids online come raid time (I’m still hoping for 3-4 more good applicants). Now that we’re working on hard modes, maybe that will work as a recruitment tool for us.

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  1. June 30, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    It’s okay, I told Brian to go one way when I meant the other on a PUG Malygos yesterday.

    It is a load off of my shoulders (and I’m sure the entire guild’s) watching Yogg go last night. Good times. Recruitment tool? I would rather just use our awesomeness and our ability to not spawn guild drama first; those things tend to be more appealing than “oh, k, content”. You can get content with the top guilds. If you wanna be chill while doing it, you find us.

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