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The World of Warcraft Arms Race

So I’m going about my morning ritual of checking out various WoW-related websites to pick up on any news/updates on goings-on with the game. I hopped over to my usual first stop, MMO-Champion, since it tends to be updated quicker than most other sites (hooray for Euros living in the near future). Today’s update: New item level 245 and 258 PVP weapons.

Upon first glace, I get the typical “kid-in-a-candy-store” tingly feeling…”Oh wow, these new weapons are AWESOME!!! Then I look at the stats closely…and it dawns on me that “Whoa, these new 2H weapons have 80-100 more DPS than the first level 80 epics” and “The ilvl 258 1H weapons have more DPS than 2H weapons from Ulduar 10” and “The caster daggers have 50-70% more spellpower than the first level 80 epics“…and it makes me concerned. Seriously, how the hell will new level 80s (especially new mains) compete at this point?

I reminisce back to the days of vanilla WoW, where I (playing my original warrior) was so stoked to get my Arcanite Reaper (HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) crafted , then 1-2 months later I obtained The Unstoppable Force , thinking I was the shit, only to go up against folks with Ashkandi and GM/HWL weapons. Sure, I had decent gear, and on occasions I could beat those that outgeared me, but if they had any inkling of how to play, they would generally beat me.

The arms race is starting to look more and more like it did in vanilla, where it’s a microcosm of capitalism. You have the haves (which obtained T2/2.5/3 back in Vanilla, or today would have these ilvl 245/258 items), and the have-nots, wielding such weapons as the Titansteel Destroyer, are pitted against the haves. Players with the skill to obtain the ilvl 258 weapons would most likely smoke the guy with ilvl 200/213 weapons, even if both players had the same gear.

Maybe the new weapons will become a necessity, though; healers in pvp are approaching the point (once again) where they are nigh-unkillable. When I played resto at the end of TBC, I managed to farm up all the gear possible from BGs (S2 set with S3 off pieces and S4 gloves), it would take no less than 3 people focus firing me in order to kill me. In the meantime, those 3 people are getting beat down by teammates of mine while I “tank” the opposing players, heh. It was times like that when the OP “burst” that people whined about 3-4 months ago would’ve been nice, but now burst is starting to lose it’s edge some as people get more pvp gear. I have yet to look into the new resil changes, though.

Somewhat related: Why must all the decent pvp gear require a player to compete in arena? I personally loathe arena and would much rather just play around in BGs and Wintergrasp. It’s a good thing I raid, or else I would still be rocking a Titansteel Guardian (sad thing is that the TS guardian isn’t much worse than my current weapon for pvp). I don’t see why the previous arena season’s weapons (as of this post, the Deadly Gladiator weapons) weren’t tossed on the honor vendor, a la TBC; this time around, the weapons were completely removed. I have a hunch they may remove Furious weapons when 3.2 hits.

I suppose I will have to settle with being a have-not in pvp.

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  1. July 1, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    I want nice things too.

    • July 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

      You can has orange mace…maybe, hopefully. O.o

      Hopefully the proc will make up for the fact it will be 100+ spellpower behind T9/Icecrown Raid weapons.

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