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What’s a debuff?

I was a long time raider as a warrior, dating back from limited experience in vanilla to the first half of TBC. I never thought of myself as a super-dee-duper warrior. Good, yes, but not great (I hold that stance with shaman, also, along with paladin). I’m not a braggart; I only brag in jest.

Over the months, I’ve repeatedly heard the comments of “I wish you still played your warrior” from a few guildmates. I figured it was for nostalgia’s sake, but no…the general response would be something along the lines of “You have sunder on your bar”, heh. One would think an elemental shaman would give two flying shits about sunder armor…but the warrior within cries at night when he hears other warriors having to be prodded by officers/raid leaders to slap sunders on a boss.

There are three debuffs that a warrior should have up on a raid boss: Sunder Armor, Demoralizing Shout, and Thunder Clap. Protection spec warriors get dibs on Thunder Clap, because they have a talent that increases the attack speed slow effect from 10% to 20%; tanking druids and paladins have abilities that can also apply this effect, so for a DPS warrior, there will be very rare occasions where TC is used. Demo Shout can be increased in effectiveness by talents in the fury tree, but fury warriors now have most all their points spent elsewhere to increase personal DPS; I believe feral druid’s Demo Roar can match the effects of Improved Demo Shout, though. That aside, a warrior should be keeping demo shout up regardless, unless there’s said feral druid with improved demo roar. With 3.2, Ret paladin’s Vindication will also accomplish the same effect as Demo Shout/Roar (tooltip in the link is erroneous).

Now, for the debuff that everyone loves: Sunder Armor. It does not matter what spec warrior you are…make sure Sunder is stacked on a boss ASAP!!! When it’s up, do what it takes to make certain sunder does NOT fall off. A stack of sunders is possibly the most powerful buffs/debuffs in the game in terms of increasing damage done. It benefits not only the warrior putting them up, but it helps fellow warriors, rogues, hunters, enhance shaman, feral druids, DKs (especially blood DKs like my guildmate Valdarion, and ret paladins. There’s bound to be a mix of several of the aforementioned classes/specs in most every raid. Sunder armor makes them happy in special places. Make it happen.

Being the only warrior in a raid can be interesting. With arms, you’re hitting some sort of special on nearly every GCD available, so putting debuffs up can make for a fun time…but it’s completely doable and should be done, even if you miss out on a execute/OP proc. The benefit for the raid that refreshing the sunder stack makes will FAR exceed the damage from that one execute/OP. Fury has a bit more leeway with GCD to where it is easier to keep debuffs up/refreshed; with BT/WW on cd and HS not causing GCD, there a minimum 2-3 second window where debuffs can be applied.

Based on our our DPS has performed the past 2 nights in Ulduar, we need every single edge we can get. I personally have started to believe that I may have to look at leveling a “pure dps” alt, since elemental DPS is still a ways behind, per Blizzard (sadly, I don’t have a link). I’m here to win, so I’ll do what it takes, but I believe the dps and utility I provide is sufficient enough…for now.

  1. July 3, 2009 at 7:00 am

    You would think that people just realize, “hey if I use this debuff, it’ll help a LOT of folks”.

    Apparently we’re not allowed to be nice!

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