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The Road to Loremaster

Over the course of the last two months, I have slowly worked towards Loremaster. I started off on this back in December, when I ended up obtaining Loremaster of Northrend unintentionally. I did all the quests I could in order to get gold (IIRC I had most of Zul’drak, Storm Peaks and Icecrown after I hit 80). I started dinking around on Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms next, some time in the middle of May. I initially started on that because I was working on quests in Tirisfal and Silverpine in order to get Undercity rep for Ambassador and Crusader titles. Funny how OCD kicks in and you start running around doing every quest possible…heh.

Roughly a month ago, I started work on Loremaster of Kalimdor. Progress was initially stalled by my rep with the goblin cities, which I had destroyed while obtaining the Bloodsail Admiral title earlier this year. Restored rep with the goblins, then proceeded to go to town on the Loremaster achievement. Ended up snagging the Guardian of Cenarius title while clearing Silithus of quests. Last dozen or so quests had me running all over the map (some even started in the Eastern Kingdoms) in order to wrap it up. There is a LOT more leeway with Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms compared to Kalimdor. I was dreading that I would have to embark on the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line, which would’ve made me cry like a little girl…heh. I will recommend what others have stated, for those interested in obtaining Loremaster: Between Kalimdor and EK, work on EK first. Several quest series originating in EK will end up in Kalimdor, giving you quest credit there.

I’m currently working on Loremaster of Outland, which is nearing an end. I have one measly quest left to do in Blade’s Edge Mountains, which I’ll take care of this evening (since I can get apexis shards to do it from the dailies located there). Only other zones left are Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley, both of which I’m halfway through. By the time I clear Netherstorm and do a dozen of the quests left in SMV, I’ll have the Seeker title.

One factor that has led me to go about working on this tedious achievement is boredom. I had been farming daily quests for 2-3 weeks straight for quite some time, so I needed a break from the montony of that. As painful as working on Loremaster has been at times, I’ve also found it to be fun. It’s neat stumbling upon quests that I’ve never completed (which there were few of, since I’ve played the game since launch, heh). I took the approach that this would not happen overnight, either, and until this past week, I haven’t really pursued the achievement aggressively. Whittling it down a dozen quests at a time is a reasonable approach; you just can’t think it’s something that can be done in a couple of days (unless you don’t sleep, shower, eat, work, etc.).

In other acheesement news, our 10 man Ulduar group picked up Yogg sans 1 Keeper last night. Had time permitted, we could’ve completed Hodir hard mode, and maybe others; I managed to play rather fail-tastically on our two attempts at Hodir hard mode. Of course, it’s easy for me to want to do hard modes in 10 man now, being the recipient of the Archivum Data Disk. It’s not about the quest and/or loot, though; it’s about beating these encounters, then beating Algalon, being able to say we truly cleared Ulduar…at least on 10 man. Until we start ballin’ on DPS…we won’t cut it for hard modes in 25. I’m doing what I can to find ways to squeeze out more deeps, but it’s a group effort; one person doing that won’t make a difference…we all have to.

Yogg 25 tonight. Hope we can repeat our success last week, minus the 2 hours of wiping.

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