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Tier 9 Preview

For some shaman-specific news for a change…Behold, Tier 9 graphics for Horde shaman! I would just post the pic here, but I’m a blog noob and the theme distorts the view of the image to where it’s silly. Stats for the various levels of T9 found on PTR can be found here.

I’m expecting to be in at least ilvl 245, so it’s a pretty decent upgrade over T8, piece for piece. Hit cap will be ridiculously easy to obtain, even moreso than it is now. Funny how we went from scrambling to get to hit cap during T7 content (a trinket akin to Dying Curse was pretty much required) to swimming in it in T8 (I managed to replace the aformentioned trinket last night with one that has no hit) to drowning in it in T9, heh. People bitch about the amount of hit (especially alliance shaman…QQ WE R OVUR HIT CAP WITH JUST TIER GEAR WAAAH), yet no one has taken a step back and thought “You know…this is a GOOD problem to have!“. Not all problems are bad, y’know. The abundance of hit on tier pieces lets us do as I have: Free up trinket slots from requiring one of them to be a hit trinket.

Perhaps with later PTR builds there will be more elemental-specific updates, but I don’t know if there will be any notable changes. Resto received a lot of love this go-around, and rightfully so; I’m liking the changes to resto so far, based on what I’ve read.

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