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Over the Hard Mode hump…and other things

After spending ~2 hours the night before working on it, we hopped into Ulduar and took out XT-002 Deconstructor hard mode style heroic difficulty (aka 25 man version) on our second attempt. Looking over the parse for our kill, our raid DPS (which was the focal point/concern) was on par with other parses for kills by other guilds. That said, killing the heart is still an exercise in “OMG NUKE IT NUKE IT NUKE IT”, with most all our healers chipping in to assist. I dare say that I believe it’s tuned for just that, even if some of our healers think it’s silly that they have to chip in to help the dps (with good reason, though; that time spent spamming damage spells tears their mana pool, which will be taxed immensely since XT HM takes several minutes to kill, a new asshole).

Looking at my own dps, it dipped out pretty bad at one point, and I’m not certain how. I did switch to assist with the spark adds briefly, but it should not have been that drastic of a drop off on dps. I don’t recall how many times I had to move for light/gravity bombs; I didn’t dps at all when I had them, though, because I was focused on being certain I wasn’t close enough to gank people over or dump the spark on them. Room for improvement with that, because I should be able to stay in range to dps without effing the raid up. On the running out with light/gravity bombs note, Improved Ghost Wolf is the bomb, no pun intended. I NEVER leave home without 2 points in that talent; I have it worked in both my elemental and resto build. Is it usuable in all raid situations? No, it’s not. It makes up for quantity of fights it’s available in quality of it’s usefulness. It’s usuable in several fights in Ulduar; the first 4 boss fights, along with Freya. It leans more towards being a pvp talent, if you ask me, but once you try it, you find it hard to let go of…heh. It has implications in leveling, too, but with the upcoming changes to mounts in 3.2 (regular mount at 20, epic ground at 40, each only taking 1.5 seconds to cast/activate), the talent loses some of it’s luster in the “leveling talent” department (although most talents that used to be lumped into that are no longer…hi2u Paladin Ret tree from years ago).

Connection issues on my end helped to thwart any attempts at hard mode Hodir. Ended up losing connection half a dozen times after or starting around 10 PM. A thunderstorm had passed through my area earlier that evening (no, it didn’t punt me 20 yards from my PC), but it had come and gone long before I started having connection trouble. It happens, though. it’s as if the powers that be residing over the interwebs (led by Al Gore) conspire against us at times. Bastards…all of them!

Defeating these hard modes in Ulduar, be they 10 or 25 man, is fun and satisfying. Hopefully I won’t have connection issues next week so that we could work on other hard modes in 25.

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