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Well, it’s about time

Lot of in-game stuff accomplished this weekend:

  • Loremaster – this included the 3000 quests completed acheesement/title (the Seeker) as well. Outland was a breeze to clear, since one can fly around to all the quests (some of which literally took all of 1 mniute to complete). Kalimdor is a PITA compared to the rest; I’ve a guildie trying to complete that, but he’s stuck needing ~30 quests to finish it.
  • Orbit-uary – Managed to pull this off on 10 man this past Friday. Fairly hectic and fun. Now to pull this off in 25 man…
  • The Twilight Zone, AKA Sarth 3D 10 man – Better late than never, I suppose. One of our former officers, who rejoined as just a raider, decided to toss a group together for this. Ended up replacing some folks that were dpsing as an off spec for main spec dpsers and we zerged the thing down. Funny how brute forcing this encounter is a better solution than trying to do it the way Blizzard intended, heh. I’m not sporting the Nightfall title, since some smartass in another raid guild will probably be like “LOL U GUYZ JUTS BEET TAHT LOLOL” or whatever. No biggie if I don’t wear the title, because I won the black drake roll…yarr!

Despite all the cool achievements acquired, I’m a bit pissed. My internet connection at home has been absolute shit since we had heavy rain here for the better part of a week. It’s what’s responsible for previous disconnect fiascos I’ve described on this blog and also prevented me from being part of our 10 man Ulduar run last night.

Once again, here’s hoping we kick the crap out of Yogg within a hour (which didn’t happen last week) and that my connection remains stable for it…heh. As far as personal achievements go, next up: The Diplomat.

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