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That “Other” Spec…

Like many folks that are dedicated to a particular character, I ponied up the 1000 gold necessary to have the dual spec option. My second spec is resto. I was formerly a resto shaman during the waning days of TBC, when raiding guilds would snap up pretty much any resto shaman that had a pulse and could cast chain heal. During that time, I started to actually enjoy healing; the only downside was that doing daily quests and farming mats for stuff took much longer than it would if I were either DPS spec. Eventually, I developed a method of AoE farming as resto that worked out pretty well, so it wasn’t all bad.

I don’t get called on too often to heal; this may be due to the fact that I’m the only elemental shaman in our guild. The other may be that I’m pretty rusty at resto, since I haven’t run as resto since I came back from hiatus around a year ago. I tend to sense reluctance whenever I’m selected to respec over to healing, heh. It may be like that for anyone, though, when they are selected to play their off/second spec. For one, off specs are generally not as well geared as main specs; I will argue that I’m an exception to that, because I have 4 piece T8 for resto, even though 3 of the 4 pieces are from 10 man (this tends to happen when you are the only person in the raid that can accept Protector tokens…thanks, Kitts…lawl). Not only that, but nearly all the off-set pieces I have for elemental can be used for resto; ie, gear synergy. Second, it comes back to rustiness; some of us may rarely play our second spec, therefore we aren’t as sharp at playing it as we would be our main spec. Maybe that’s just me, though; I do feel I’m better at playing elemental at this point, but really…I should be. It’s what I signed up to raid as. It’s what is expected of me; deliver the deeps. Another note with my resto spec: It isn’t optimized for either PVE or PVP. It’s a bastardized spec in the event I want to go pvp as resto, but I may go ahead and change that because I haven’t pvped as resto since TBC.

I don’t mind being called upon to play resto, though. I’m often doing so for our 10 man runs, and it makes for good practice. I honestly wish Blizzard would open up the dual speccing option to allow for more specs; that way, I could say I play a shaman in general, rather than pigeonholing myself as a subspec of the class. Downside to that is you’d have everyone and their brother wanting to pick up off spec gear…therefore a loss of abyss crystals that snowballs further when, say, I pick up a shiny new enhance weapon; “omg berzerking enchant plz”. I am doubtful Blizzard will expand on the dual spec feature, but in all honesty, I’m fine with that because I’m sooo very happy they added it to begin with.

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