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The Pseudo-Raid Leader

I like helping folks out in game, especially guildies. Ranging from crafting items to assisting with group quests, 5 mans, even pug raids, to tagging along to kill Onyxia (I still have yet to have my T2 helm drop, heh), or by providing advice on gearing/enchants/gemming for classes I’m familiar with (namely the 3 I have at 80), I do what I can to help. Sometimes, though, I think I may be too helpful.

Case in point: The other night, we were working on Auriaya in Ulduar. 2 of our 3 tanks in the raid were off spec tanks (their main spec being DPS), and we were short 2-3 DPSers on top of that, so the hard mode for that fight was out of the question. However, about a third of the way through our first try, our raid leader decided we would go for the Nine Lives achievement, which meant we would kill the Feral Defender add each time it spawned. Work on this progressed reasonably well for a seat-of-the-pants change in plans (despite that description, I enjoyed the sudden change of plan). At one point, we were to move to our left, when I noticed we had a large area behind us that we could move to so we didn’t get crammed in by void zones (which spawn each time the Defender is killed, in the location it dies). I make this statement on Vent, but we go ahead and move along as the RL requests…although a couple of people almost ran off in the direction I indicated we should go. This didn’t cause us to wipe, but we did end up wiping due to the enrage timer; had we started killing the Defender immediately after it respawned, we would’ve been fine.

We ended up using the area that I pointed out in the first attempt when we did defeat the encounter and acquire the Nine Lives achievement (which was a server first, woo!). This being the case, I didn’t feel one bit of “LOL I TOLD U SO” or anything like that. I made an observation, brought it to folk’s attention, and it just so happened to be a good idea, so we ran with it and won. I’ve had such ideas before and watched them backfire for various reasons. As I said to our RL, I’m just looking after things for you. I justify doing what I did with the idea that officers and/or raid leaders can appreciate someone who’s showing signs of situational awareness and conscious thinking vs. following in line step-by-step then freaking out when things go wrong. Oh, I’m surrounded by void zones? Meh, whatever; I’ll find a way out of this mess. Sometimes, though, it’s best to follow the lead step-for-step, though; someone not doing their job can easily lead to a mess.

Basically, I’m thinking that perhaps I should shut up at times. 😛

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