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10-man happenings

Another week, another helping of raiding. Our Ulduar 25 progress got stunted thanks to authentication servers being ghetto on Thursday evening, thus killing off one of our scheduled raids. We did round up our 10 man group and proceeded to 1-2 shot most every fight that evening, including any and all hard modes. Friday night included a guild first Vezaz 10 man hard mode, then last night we managed Yogg with only 1 watcher up. Only cock block left remaining is Firefighter, which we’ve put in 2-3 hours on but will need to dedicate more time to in order to beat.

We’ve almost got Ulduar 10 man totally whipped. We need a clean kill (re: No deaths) of Vezax and IC for Champion of Ulduar, and finish off Iron Dwarf Medium Rare along with Firefighter for our nifty 310% speed rusted proto drakes. After that, all that’s left is squashing Algalon. Too bad the only item from the quest worth a hoot for me is tailored to resto…oh well.

I’m curious as to whether we’ll bring in other people or form another 10 man group aimed at hard modes. I’m sure there are others that would be interested, plus I think it may help in terms of preparation for the 25 man counterparts of the encounters. That said, a lot of the hard modes on 10 man aren’t exactly hard (the main exception, in my opinion, being Firefighter, since it alters the Mimiron encounter pretty significantly).

Were time permitting, I would run Ulduar 10 with alts from within the guild, but we don’t have a lot of folks on during weekends, so it would be hard to pull off…and I hate pugging. Man, do I hate pugging. More on that in another entry, perhaps.

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