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The Joy…er Pain of Pugging

PuGs (pickup groups, consisting of random people you gather together for a dungeon/raid) often either scare me or make me want to bash my face into my keyboard. I’m a kind soul, though; I have some RL friends who play on the same server as I do, only they are in different guilds. I’ve assisted them with various Naxx runs in the past, but said runs make me want to do terrible things to humanity, heh.

This past weekend, one of my friends needed one more dps for a mostly-guild Naxx 10 run. I volunteered to go on my warrior, so off I went. 5 hours later, we had finished the second of four quarters. To put that time in perspective…when Naxx, OS, and Malygos (Tier 7) was the end game, we would clear ALL of that in 4 hours. Maybe I’ve been spoiled, but I figure that Naxx isn’t terribly difficult…yet there are people out there that manage to fail over and over at encounters in there. Fortunately, my friends weren’t part of the failing; they played well, save for 1 or 2 instances where one of them didn’t know how an encounter (Thaddius) worked.

The amount of fail was astounding. One person in particular never made it through the Frogger gauntlet once without dying. 2-3 people were never on Vent; one of said people caused 2-3 wipes on Grobbulus by standing in front of him, causing massive amounts of slimes to spawn. The only boss that was 1 shot was Faerlina, and with that one, no one paid attention to instructions over Vent, so all the adds were immediately killed, therefore we had to zerg the boss down while she was enraged. Not a big deal to do that as a guild group, but with a pug, it’s risky.

We are going to start doing alt runs to assist FnF (Friends and Family) members of the guild with getting gear, plus show them content they’ve never seen before…such as Naxx. As much as I despise that place, it will be a guild function, so there won’t be anywhere near the amount of fail that I was part of in that pug over the weekend.

The 3.2 changes to the badge system will virtually make Naxx obsolete, so I cannot wait for that. Of course, that only means the people failing in Naxx now will be failing in Ulduar, thinking their shiny new ilvl 226 badge gear is an autowin ticket in Ulduar…

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  1. July 28, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    PuGs are my worst nightmare. Yet always so necessary when you need to get a run in, or your schedule doesn’t line up with your guilds, or whatever. I share your pain–I’ve had numerous painful runs with PuGs where I was a top dps as a frost mage, which should let you know how bad everyone else’s gear/spec/playing ability was. I ended up having to switch back to Arcane on Loatheb just to down them, and felt bad when my dps was sooooo much higher–but I love my frost spec because its fun management and in raids I can usually get by with decent dps without any funny glances.

    Terrified of all the players who will have nice shiny purple gear and think Ulduar is a walk in the part on a balmy spring day…

    • August 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm

      Or worse…said folks can be like “lol I can haz badge geer plus wepunz frum ToC n I can go rite 2 teh rade dere”, which now that I’ve seen the loot table for the 5 man, I could see this happening.

      It’s one thing for a raider to use this as an opportunity to gear alts (which is how I view it), but you’ll have folks that fail at things like Naxx that will get this new gear and still fail at Frogger (among other things).

      Better gear won’t fix stupid.

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