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3.2 has arrived!

So I leave for a week’s vacation to a location without internet access and what does Blizzard do? They release patch 3.2, of course. I honestly didn’t expect 3.2 to be live until later this month, but based on how buggy the release was (Ysera was pretty much down all of Tuesday and into Wednesday, from what I’ve gathered), the vacation timing was perfect.

While chilling at the airport in Atlanta during a 4 hour layover, I went about downloading and patching the game. Got home and started checking stuff out. I’m loving the heck out of the new totem bar that has been implemented, and the Call spells (for dropping up to 4 totems at once) is one of the bigger shaman changes in several years, IMO. I may see if I can run TotemTimers along with this new bar, because I do miss TT for using the lesser-used totems (resist totems, for example).

I thought I would hate the changes to Wintergrasp, but so far it seems ok. I like how I can queue for it in Dal, leave, then get ported once the battle begins. Beats having to sit around the portal room with a thumb up my ass (not literally, mind you) for 10 or whatever minutes. I have all the new items for my shaman…now to farm tokens on my warrior, heh. I’m bittersweet about being able to fly in WG when the battle isn’t going; it’s gonna make achievements such as Wintergrasp Ranger a PITA to obtain. I suppose it gives the zone more of a world PVP flavor, though, where you have to contend with folks dropping in on you from above to attempt to gank you (Ysera is a PVE server, FYI).

The new 5 man dungeon, Trial of the Champion, boggles me. Here we have a fairly simple dungeon that churns out some pretty damn good loot and doesn’t take very long to run. Heroic mode drops are on par with Ulduar 10 items, while folks can farm it on regular for some pretty decent starter epics, especially some of the trinkets (I want the tank trinket for both of my plate wearers, heh). Sadly, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) getting the caster dagger from heroic mode for my shaman; Ulduar was a total disappointment with all of 2 weapons properly itemized for elemental (I’m discounting the legendary mace for obvious reasons). The weapon drops in heroic make for good starting weapons for those of us with alts that were stuck with, say, Titansteel weapons. All the ArP gear from there has the inner warrior within me licking his chops (I’ve picked up the bracer from there already).

So far I’m pleased with the patch. Only disappointment I have is the gate lockout mechanism on the raid content; basically, no one will be able to fully clear the new raid until September. I suppose they’re doing that to leave us a couple more weeks of running Ulduar to tie up any loose ends left there.

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