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Leveling via PVP? Yes, please!

One addition with the 3.2 patch that I overlooked is that you can now gain xp by doing battlegrounds. I was reminded of it by the following post:


With the XP numbers being posted there, I’m convinced that leveling via pvp is a viable alternative to going through the quest grind for the umpteenth time. For long time players such as myself (I’ve done every quest in the game at least once; I would guess at least 3 times for every quest, and dozens of times for low level quests/zones), this is WONDERFUL. Yeah, sure, I’d be plodding around in the same BGs that have existed for years now, but I would find leveling to be a LOT more fun when it involves pwning the opposite faction in some pvp action. Beats the hell out of “Collect 15 bear pelts that have a 10% drop rate for no logical reason other than to annoy the piss out of you” quests that I’ve already done before.

Some downsides: The heirloom xp bonus doesn’t apply (not that big of a deal), plus you’d miss out on rep gains from turning in quests. Regarding the latter, if you are desperate for rep, going back and working on Loremaster when you are 80 (as I did a couple of months back) will net you all the rep you could ever need, and then some.

Twinks are crying because their queue times have shot up to ridiculous levels, but really…not many of us care anymore. I’ve been that guy that has a decently geared character that wants to pvp with friends, only to get steamrolled by someone who’s sitting at x9 in the bracket with all sorts of crazy ass gear/enchants just so they can slaughter people. Well, no more. The xp via battlegrounds option is one of the better things that has been added to wow in a long time. I’m not looking to level another alt any time soon, but if I do, I’m sooo going to be pounding it out in BGs.

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