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Elemental Itemization circa 3.2

We elemental shaman have had fun throughout this expansion with our itemization…and by fun, I mean it’s been a rollercoaster ride. I remember my early days at level 80 where every gem slot I had possessed a gem with hit on it. Dying Curse was the be-all-end-all of trinkets for quite some time. During 3.1’s PTR, we (the elemental shaman community as a whole) were flabbergasted at how our Tier 8 (when first revealed) had almost as much MP5 on it as the T8 for our resto counterparts. For those not in the loop about how elemental works…we don’t need MP5 on our gear at all. The problem, though, is that a lot of caster shaman mail non-set pieces have MP5 on them…so getting optimal gear has been a pain in the ass for us. Perfect example: Look at my armory. I’m still rocking ilvl 213 items from Naxx 10/25 and Malygos 10, even with 3.2 just having released. I have had my boots since last December, the mace since February (Vezax 10 HM likes our rogues), and the bracer since around March (yet to kill Hodir 25 HM). Fortunately, the new Coliseum raid does have some upgrades available for 2 of those 3 items, and even though I’m at the point that I will have hit rating running out of my ears, I would gladly take the caster dagger from the Northrend Beasts encounter just for the massive amount of spell power I would gain. Sadly, I’ve had the absolute worst luck with weapon drops, and whenever something I could use does drop, it has either spirit or MP5 on it, thus rendering part of the item budget nigh-worthless. There isn’t a mail caster belt upgrade in the Coliseum from the one off Razorscale, and we look like we will be sticking to ilvl 226 rings also. The Hodir 25 HM bracer remains BIS also.

Of course, this is without dancing with the idea that I can use leather and even cloth caster dps items…but seriously, that is not fair to druids or all the cloth-only classes. Sure, there are crafted leather/cloth items we could opt for (sup Sash of Ancient Power), but is it too much for us to ask to have caster mail that’s well-itemized for elemental (re: No MP5 on it)? With off set items, this wouldn’t be a big deal, because our resto brethren would be happy to pick those pieces up if we elementals have them or have better already; they would serve as pure throughput pieces for resto, which can be very handy in many situations. Elementals won’t touch mail gear with MP5 unless it has a stupid amount more spell power on it than our non-MP5 item (example: my mace vs. the one from Razorscale 25, which I’ve opted to take if no healers needed it, which has not been the case).

Our Tier 9, in addition to looking sexy (at least on the real shaman race, Orcs :P), has spot-on itemization a la our revamped T8. Touching on one of my previous posts, though…we’re going to have hit rating running out of every pore. The ilvl 245 set (from Coliseum 25 regular mode) has 239 hit rating on it from 3 of the 5 pieces (the other 2 have no hit, but jeez…they don’t need to). With the ilvl 245 dagger, we’re one spellpower/hit gem away from hit cap, pretty much. A good problem to have that can be worked around much easier than all the gear with MP5, though.

  1. August 20, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I’ve been out and about this morning trying to decide if any of the crafted Ulduar BOE mail is actually a worth while expense for an elemental shaman. Is any of it close to best in slot in your opinion?

    • August 20, 2009 at 2:10 pm

      Armory is currently down, but I took a look at what you have via wow-heroes.com, and if you have the cash/mats/badges handy, you’d do well to pick up the Lightning-Grounded Boots and put a pair of runed rubies (preferrably Cardinal aka 23 spell power, if you can afford them) in them. WoW-Heroes shows you having 379 hit, so losing the hit from your current shoes isn’t a big deal. Also, I see you have resto as a secondary spec, and the crafted boots would serve you well in your resto set, too.

      You could also benefit some from the crafted belt, but if you only have the resources for one of the two items, I would recommend the boots.

      I would advocate saving your current boots, though, in the event you were to swap out another item or items that drop you below hit cap.

      • August 20, 2009 at 5:06 pm

        Thanks very much. I thought they might be but its great to have confirmation from someone who is obviously much more skilled at equipment valuation than I.

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