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Go me, it’s my birthday…

Yesterday, yours truly dinged 26, as in yesterday being my 26th birthday. Ended up with a couple of presents along the way, too: A second Trophy of the Crusade, Sabatons of Tremoring Earth from the newly-unlocked Faction Champions fight, and after completing the heroic daily after the raid, I picked up the Totem of Electrifying Wind. The boots were definitely the highlight of the night, since they replaced the Footsteps of Malygos that I have worn ever since our first Maly 10 kill back in mid-late December of last year. The 200 haste from the totem has damn near 100% uptime, which is amazing.

I’ll give a shout out to one of our guild officers, Muji, for obtaining the highlight item from the Faction Champions loot table, the Dual Blade Butcher. I have teased him relentlessly over not having Aesir’s Edge for the better part of 2 months now…but with that axe, who needs that silly sword now? The inner Warrior of mine was ecstatic to see that axe drop. I’m hoping we get that thing to drop every single week from now on, to be honest. With our luck, though…we won’t see it again. 😦

Overview of the Coliseum Raid so far:

  • Northrend Beasts – Good fight to serve as a deterrent to PUGs, but not terribly hard for any guild, IMO. The Jormungar duo is probably the most annoying of the 3 sub-bosses, least to us…zomg he breathed fire on everyone wtf?!
  • Lord Jarraxus – This fight is a total joke, although we did wipe once because I think half of us forgot what all went on in the fight. Last week, when he was first unlocked, we one shot him; took longer to explain the fight than it did to beat it, heh.
  • Faction Champions – Magister’s Terrace “pvp boss” battle, but on crack, speed, and meth, all at the same time. That said, it is now one of my favorite raid boss fights in all of WoW. It’s a lot more dynamic than pretty much any fight I’ve been a part of. Took us a while to beat (2 hours) because we had the wrong approach as to which targets to CC first; once we made some changes to that, we put those guys in their place. As a footnote, on our kill and throughout most of our attempts, I was resto; I suspect now that we know the CC/kill order, we can have some of the dps that switched to heals stay dps instead to help kill the targets faster (our kill took right at 10 minutes).

Now we await the Val’kyr Twins next week. Darn these staggered releases!

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