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Faction Transfer: Cool, but not for me

Months ago (I don’t recall exactly when), Blizzard announced that they were researching how to implement faction transfers, where players could transfer their toon over to the opposite faction. I figured such a feature would take a while to sort out, so I expected it to arrive after Cataclysm is released. I was waaay off on that guesstimate; faction transfer is here already.

Our guild has had a few Alliance-to-Horde transfer apply already. Conversely, there have been a lot of folks switch over from Horde to Alliance on Ysera, which already had a numbers advantage. It also doesn’t help that the Alliance have a better reputation/record, plus they fare better when it comes to Wintergrasp. Most Alliance players also state that their pug raids go smoothly for the most part. I can safely say that pugging raids Horde-side on Ysera can be like pulling teeth. I’m usually leary of pugging raids nowadays unless it contains either several of my guildmates or several folks from other respectable raiding guilds. Perhaps I’m overly picky, but I don’t show up to puggable content to collect a repair bill…heh.

If I had to transfer to Alliance…call me unoriginal, but my warrior and paladin would both be human. I do a decent amount of PVP on both toons, so a free pvp trinket racial opens up a plethora of options as to what my trinket setup can be. Couple that with expertise bonuses to maces and swords, the slightly-better-than-others stealth detection, and arguably the best racial in the game…not to mention humans look the best in plate armor out of all the Alliance races. As of now, my shaman wouldn’t have a choice in the race matter…but Draenei are a really good shaman race, anyhow; the hit aura is hot, and the heal spell/ability isn’t too terrible, considering it doesn’t cost any mana/rage to use.

Were the unthinkable to happen and our officers decide that the guild as a whole will be switching factions, I won’t be tagging along for a few reasons:

  • Money. It’s 30 bucks a pop for faction transfers, and if memory serves me correctly, you can only transfer one toon at a time. Well, I have 3 toons that I play on a regular basis, along with a plethora of other alts that don’t see as much play time. Even if I were to only transfer my 3 80s, I’m spending right at 100 bucks there. Blizzard has made enough money off of me over the years with server transfers, anyhow. 😛
  • Friends. I have several RL friends that play on Ysera now, one of which came back to play after having quit back during Vanilla Wow. As he put it, “I’m not touching that (faction transfer) with a 20 foot pole”. Another friend just started again after quitting right before the 3.0 patch (roughly a year ago) and transferred 2 toons over to run with the rest of us.
  • For The Horde! What can I say? I like the Horde. Orcs have an appeal of bad-assery that can’t be matched by any Alliance race. Blood Elves make for a solid paladin race, too, even though folks may find them to appear too…strange for their tastes as far as aesthetics go. They do stand strange, yes, but the rest of their animations and such seem fine, imo.

Given all of my reasons not to switch, I still see this being a VERY popular addition to the game. You have folks that meet others in person around where they live, only to discover they play WoW on opposite factions and/or different servers. I know there used to be a large Alliance contingent in the town I live in (not sure if they still play) that played on Mal’Ganis. To join up with them, I had to reroll…and back in the day, that was a painful experience (especially being Alliance on M’G…argh). Nowadays, if such a situation were to occur, it’s like “lol brt” *clicks faction transfer* “omg hai guyz!”.

Heh, and kids these days complain about the Barrens now…I remember when there was only one (yes, ONE) flightpath in the ENTIRE Barrens. Oh, and you never had a mount for questing there, because you had to get to level 40 to get your first mount…eh, I’m showing my age here, so I’ll stop. 😛

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