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AMG Alts!

I tinkered around most of this weekend on various alts, mostly splitting time between my druid and warlock. With the price drop on flying mounts, I picked regular flying for my hunter and priest. I’d like to at least get the druid, lock, and priest leveled for the sake of the extra professions they would give me access to: Inscription (Druid), Alchemy (Priest), Tailoring, and Enchanting (latter 2 on the warlock). All I would be missing then is Jewelcrafting…and I could level that on either my hunter or rogue; I’m at 80-something JC skill on the rogue, so I will probably keep it on him.

Heirloom items definitely don’t help with alt-itis, as it’s often called; I find they promote it, heh. I believe I have almost every heirloom item I could possibly want: Mail chest/shoulders for my hunter, who shares dual daggers (1 is the pve dagger, the other pvp) and the bow with my rogue; the rogue also shares pvp leather shoulders and pve chest with my druid, who I purchased the 2h mace for last night. My warlock is rocking the robe and shoulders, along with the pve staff, haste trinket and spell power trinket, plus the pvp heirloom trinket. I also have 2h axe and plate shoulders sitting in my paladin’s bank. I don’t believe I’ll be playing a DK in the near (or distant) future, so I doubt I will pick up the plate chest anytime soon.

There is a fair possibility that my druid will end up 80 eventually, since I am leveling him along with a friend, mainly to help her get to 80. Being level 66 just after having cleared Hellfire Peninsula of quests is crazy (in a good way; big thanks goes out to heirloom gear). I’ve decided that if I do get him to 80, the only thing I’m going to spend gold on him for would be epic flying; I’m not going to focus on gearing him up. The combination of me as a druid (feral, but focusing on tank spec now) and my friend (she plays a warlock) is proving to work really well. I run off and round up 4-5 mobs at a time, and she dots them up and AOEs them down.

Also, it is really REALLY nice having flying pretty much as soon as you start Outland questing. My paladin, druid, hunter and priest are all products of the Recruit A Friend deal that went into effect about a year ago, which is why they were already 60 soon as they hit Outland (thus were eligible to buy flying mounts to start in Outland). RAF resulted in folks like my guild leader, along with yours truly, to pick up a second account and dual box 2 characters and level them up using triple xp from quests and kills. Word of warning to those who are like “ZOMG that’s awesome, I wanna do that”…you will need a main character with gold to spare, because you level so fast you won’t get enough gold from quests/kills to train, heh.

I wonder if there’s some sort of account-wide Feat of Strength for having an 80 of all 10 classes on one server…must…stop…OCD…impulse…ARGH!

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