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Late to the party, but hey, it’s done!

After dicking around with it on and off for the past 3 months, our guild finally completed Firefighter on 10 man. Had we went weeks at a time without attempting this thing, we’d probably pulled it off right before 3.2 came out, which would’ve made it feel a bit more…legit. It feels “dirty” getting this done for the first time while running around with bits and pieces of ilvl 245 gear.

I suppose the optimistic way of looking at it is that there are many guilds that even with 245 gear (or higher) will not be able to complete this achievement. Poor argument, though, in my eyes, for that’s akin to saying that with level 80 gear and characters, folks can’t complete AQ40. Perhaps that’s a stretch since we’re taking into account a difference in character level along with gear level. Nonetheless, despite my apparent bitterness, I’m actually very happy because the biggest hurdle between me and a rusted proto-drake is now out of the way; in fact, all that’s left is the retarded Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement, and I’m about halfway through that already (12/25). Any achievement that requires you to purposefully wipe (in order to get it done in a timely manner) is just silly. Hopefully, our success with Firefighter, plus other hard modes will get a larger pool of people eager to go and finish this stuff off.

Next up: Algalon. Too bad I had to vendor some of my older gear, but I’m thinking other guildies have done the same (bank space isn’t exactly infinite, y’know) else we could get a more legitimate kill of Algalon despite higher level gear being available by completing Herald of The Titans. Not a big deal if we don’t get that, plus I don’t expect to.

Hopefully with the help of some new recruits, we can start working on heroic ToC 25 man. Attendance the past couple of weeks has been pretty lackluster, though, so who knows?

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