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Tier 10 set bonus initial preview

Tier 10 set bonus info has been datamined as of the most recent PTR build, and here’s what was dug up for elemental:

2 piece – Lightning Bolt reduces the cooldown of Elemental Mastery by 1 second.

4 piece – Reduces cooldown on Lava Burst by 15 seconds.

The 2 piece is interesting. I suspect that each LB cast reduces the CD by 1 second, which based on my napkin math would more or less give us a 2 minute CD on EM (by default it is 3). For simplicity’s sake, I don’t see why they don’t code it to just reduce EM’s CD to 2 mins. I suppose leaving it as is gives the bonus a form of scalability.

As for the 4 piece…I’m safely assuming that as it is, that’s a typo. 15 second cooldown reduction on a spell that has an 8 second cooldown? I think they misplaced a decimal point there (1.5 second cd reduction). Shame that we wouldn’t be able to fit in this 4 piece with 4 piece T9…that would be baller, heh. Of course, I make that statement under the assumption T10 won’t be an 8 piece set…or will it? I suppose I can dream. 😛

More later. Work beckons…argh!

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