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Picking My Brain = ???

So I’ve observed what search results have turned up my page and figure it’s about time I toss out my ideas on elemental, how it works, etc.:

Spec: Mine is odd because I’m a whore for Improved Ghost Wolf. I also have Elemental Warding maxed out to help reduce incoming raid damage; I honestly believe that talent has saved my hide a couple of times while working on Firefighter. With 3.3, I will have to shift 2 points into Improved Fire Nova when the patch goes live, which may mean I have to lose my beloved insta-cast GW. 😦 I’m currently waiting to see if there will be any other changes made before I finalize a spec.

Gear/gemming: 4 piece T9 is money. Just picked up the rest of my T9 last night and the 4 piece is VERY noticable. Consistent 11-12k LvB crits are delicious. Reach hit cap first (289 for raids if you have a shadow priest or boomkin; 367 otherwise), then stack spell power, haste, then crit in that order. Gemming is pretty easy; Chaotic Skyflare for meta, which will require 2 Glowing Dreadstones in your gear. Put those 2 in items you can get a spell power socket bonus from, preferrably a bonus of 7 or more spell power. For the rest of your blue sockets, as well as all red sockets, stack Runed Cardinal Rubies, and if you have yellow socket items that give a bonus aside from spell power, toss rubies in those, too. If the yellows do grant spell power, you can toss Reckless Ametrines in them.

Glyphs: Note to self, replace ToW glyph with Lava. Lightning Bolt is a given (4% more damage on your most used spell), and with the recent changes, Flame Shock still remains as a glyph, unless you still have 2 piece Tier 8, in which you won’t need the FS glyph. In that case, you can drop FS for Lava.

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