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Reign of The Dead: An Elemental Shaman’s New Best Friend

Late during TBC, I managed to win The Lightning Capacitor on a Karazhan badge farm run. I was pleasantly surprised at the dps increase it gave me, but my trinkets before it (at that time) were total crap, since they were primarily resto trinkets. TLC lasted me for a while into Wrath while leveling.

Last night, I was the recipient of Reign of The Dead, which is the best in slot trinket for DPS casters. 150 spell power from a trinket slot? Yes, please. But now, that proc…


The goal with this math is to find an estimate of the DPS the proc from the trinket provides. The average damage from the proc comes out to be 1882. 2023 – 1741 = 282; 282 / 2 = 141. 1741 + 141 = 1882.

There is a minimum of 2 seconds in between the charges for the proc, and since it requires 3 charges, it’s a minimum of 6 seconds in between procs; therefore, you have a maximum of 10 procs per minute. 1882 * 10 = 18820; 18820 / 60 = 313.6, with the 6 repeating, so round up to 314. That’s a minimum of 314 dps from the proc effect. This is assuming you get 10 procs per minute, so the 314 number is somewhat a “best case scenario” assumption. More or less, it’s a ~300 dps effect…or is it?

The proc from the trinket can crit, and it is based off of your spell crit. Raid buffed, my lightning spells hover around 60% crit; couple that with Lava Bursts critting every ~10 seconds (factoring in LB cast time overlap, latency, etc.) and it’s safe to say I’m holding a consistent 50% spell crit rate in raids. So let’s say 5 of those possible 10 procs from the trinket crit: 1882 * 2 = 3764; 3764 * 5 = 18820. 1882 * 5 = 9410; 18820 + 9410 = 28230. 28230 / 60 = 470.5.

So in a “pretty good case” scenario, this trinket’s effect is worth 470 dps. In a not so good case, it may be closer to 400 dps, which is a good napkin math number to provide folks when they ask how much we would benefit from this thing. The proc coming in at 500 dps isn’t out of the question, either. I have also found anecdotal evidence that any effects that modify spell crit damage (such as our Elemental Fury) affect the proc, also…this includes the Storm Cloud buff from the Hodir fight. A comment on Wowhead states the proc from the trinket crit for 10k due to Storm Power…heheh, that’s nuts.

What I’m looking to do now is to determine what my second trinket should be. I have Illustration of The Dragon Soul and Scale of Fates available. I’m sticking with the Scale because the on-use combined with a haste pot makes for a mini-self-Bloodlust for 15 seconds, which has proved to be extremely valuable for burst in ToGC 25 (sup Nether Portals and Volcanoes).

Now if only I could manage to get the heroic version to pair with the regular version…muahaha! Not going to happen, but the idea of having both is lol-ertastic.

  1. Nafian
    November 5, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Grats on the new toy!

    • November 5, 2009 at 6:42 pm

      Thanks. Perhaps I will find out how well it works in pvp this evening. >:)

  2. November 5, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    I assumed a much more conservative 6 PPM but it’s still an incredibly powerful proc, AND the trinket has that amazing spellpower passive bonus. Even with 6 PPM I estimated the total DPS worth of the heroic version at about 650, which is pretty insane.

    10-man raiders get Talisman of Volatile power, which is about the same DPS value as a Mercurial Alchemist’s Stone. ¬_¬

    (sorry, I’ll try not to turn every comment I post here into a QQ about 10-man itemisation, honest)

    • November 5, 2009 at 8:31 pm

      10 would be the most that are possible, but even if 6 PPM results in a gain of 500+ dps…that’s nuts. I’m eager to see numbers next week from H ToC 25.

      That 10 man trinket is pretty fail, I’ll agree. Sarth’s puggable nowadays (heck, has been since the start of the year), though, so IDS is attainable for just about anyone. Now having the damn thing actually drop could be another story, though (my guild was really REALLY lucky with IDS drops during T7 “progression”).

      Wait, IDS isn’t 10 man loot… :-O

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