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So…why Shaman?

When I started playing WoW, I didn’t even look at the shaman class. My friends had created paladins, so to hang out with them, I had to make an alliance character also. First character I created in WoW was a human warlock. Played him up to level 20 or so, decided I didn’t like the class (warlocks were weaksauce when WoW was new), so I joined the masses playing a NE hunter. Not a good idea, looking back, because literally half our server was NE hunters. Another friend of mine started playing horde on a different server, so my friends went over to that server to join him; I went to a different server to join an online friend, where I made my first paladin, who was also my first 60. It was just my online friend and I for the most part on there, though, so we eventually got bored and decided to reroll Horde with my other friends.

My online friend rerolling with me decided to level a warrior, while my other friends that had already rerolled consisted of warriors and hunters. Noting this, I figured “you know, having someone that could heal would be a good idea”. Seeing that shaman had healing spells, plus they could hurl lightning at foes. I also liked the class from Warcraft 3, especially with that silly Bloodlust spell that made whatever it was cast on bigger and badder…not to mention the hilarious sound effect. Much to my dismay, shaman did not have Bloodlust as a spell at the time, but I was quite content chucking lightning bolts around. I recall leveling up as elemental, which at the time was a bad idea, because there was zero gear itemized well for any caster, let alone a shaman.

I eventually decided to respec, and started using an enhance/resto hybrid that gave me some semi-decent healing capability while letting me kill things within a reasonable time frame. I recall stacking gear with loads of intellect (not a bad idea then since that meant more heals) and spirit (because that would let me regenerate mana faster when not fighting…lol). I also stuck with a 1h/shield combo over using a 2h, although I had spent the talent point to use 2h weapons (Oh, and if you respecced after leveling 2h weapons…grats, you get to do it AGAIN!). Windfury was king at the time (2 bonus attacks with 800 or so extra AP), Flametongue only did extra fire damage on hit (no spell power bonus), and Rockbiter was around to do more threat (rofl shaman tank).

Eventually, all my friends decided to quit playing WoW, since as a small guild comprised of RL friends only, we had no way of doing any major content back then (at this point, people were just starting to farm MC). Around this time, I ended up on a warrior binge, with one finally sticking and becoming the main I did most of my progress on (although most of that was the old PVP grind). I sorta wished I had went back to my shaman instead of sticking it out on my warrior; I miss my old school pvp title (was only Legionnaire, but still). Warriors at that time were a dime a dozen, too; everyone wanted to be “that guy” in a video online running around with 3 healers on his hip smashing through entire groups of the opposition, although the shaman class had a few of it’s own that were just mind blowing (Unbreakable and Ioneye come to mind due to the retarded damage they showed the shaman class capable of). Such videos resulted in nerfs to each class, if you ask me. πŸ˜›

Anywho, back on topic. I ended up quitting almost a year before TBC came out, and when it did (and I was lured into playing again by a former coworker), I started anew on warrior (Nobz), but had a shaman alt (Kaz). From there, their history is detailed in the About link.

The whole use of the elements, lightning, fire, ice, all that fun stuff…that’s part of the appeal of shaman. In layman terms, I just wanted to electrocute/fry/ice folks to bits. πŸ˜› This also would explain why I was lured to elemental, even though it was rubbish when the game was new. I briefly played enhance, but that was for leveling, and when I hit Outland for the first time on Kaz way back when, I decided that since there was so much caster gear available, I would go elemental and give that a try. Haven’t looked back since, save for that one time I tried enhance out 8 or so months ago for a Naxx 10 (in which my dps was so fail I immediately went back to elemental).

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. πŸ˜›

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