The Honeymoon is over

Roughly a week or two ago (time’s flying by these days), I became GM of my guild, completing a process of going from long time member to being part of our loot council (which I always pretended to be in my own mind; I probably had a 85% correct guess rate at who got what, heh) that took place in the past 2ish months.

One concern I have: My availability. I work 8-5 Monday through Friday; when I get home, I take a bit to unwind, do some excercise, chores, etc. I’m usually doing good to be in game by 7PM, which is just over a hour before raid invites go out. I’m expecting that hour to become hell between trying to juggle between guild management (aka tells coming from every which way), my own raid prep (which generally consists of doing dailies to acquire gold for consumables and repairs), plus whatever else may be going on. Initially I wasn’t too concerned about availability, because one of our officers used to be online during a good portion of the weekdays while I was at work, so we had coverage for that. His work schedule has changed, though, so that amount of time he was available will be all but gone. Another long-time officer is calling it quits for now; being he’s occupied with his work and study, it’s totally cool. Good to see priorities take precedence over this silly (but oh so fun and addictive) timesink we call WoW. 😛

Another concern: My knowledge of ALL game mechanics. I feel fairly well versed with most all the finer points of raiding, but I’ve been prone to miss/forget things (Hey our hunters can misdirect those loose mobs that gibbed the healer that last attempt). This brings me to a conflict in leadership styles; my initial reaction to the made up scenario I described would be that our hunters know well enough when and how to use misdirect that I shouldn’t have to tell them when. On the flip side, maybe I should be, so that what’s going on is clear. I’ve got a guild full of solid players, though, so any gaps in my knowledge of classes/mechanics should be easily covered. I simply hope that if such gaps are exposed that folks aren’t like “Wow, for a GM you’re a dumbass”.

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a degree of nervousness at this point. I can’t honestly remember the last time I was in a position where I was asked to lead a group of folks. I think we just need to get after some content today and that should help clear up the nerves some.

The goal I have in mind for the guild at this time is to work on and (hopefully) complete heroic ToC 25. The burning question as of late, though, is what to do when we don’t have enough folks to work on it. I place part of the blame on ToC itself: At this point, our guild can clear 25 normal ToC in a hour. Heroic 10 man takes about a hour, while regular 10 man…heh, our record so far is 18 minutes, based on my flask timer. As burned out as I was getting with Ulduar…I miss having a “real” raid instance. I hope like hell Blizzard takes note of the general disdain most of us have for the ToC design; sure, on paper, a raid with NO TRASH sounds like nirvana to some (one loot pinata boss after another), but having seen it in execution…no thanks. Easy for me to say, being I don’t need a single drop from anything at this point save for heroic ToC 25.

Easy to pin the tail on the donkey known as ToC, though. Looking forward to ICC, though…we’re going to need more folks. Simple as that. Night after night of only having 20-22 folks on come raid time just won’t cut it anymore. Folks are tiring of having to wait for us (officers) to figure out what we’re going to do (rather than what’s posted on the calendar) due to lack of able bodies (raiders). I enjoy challenging raids, so I want to pursue progression over faceroll farm content where the difficulty lies in staying awake the entire raid. Reminds me of T7 content…although we fortunately had Sarth 3D, which was tough at the time but manageable (and a neatly designed encounter, imo).

All the rambling aside, this looks to be trying (but interesting) times for the guild. With the holiday season upon us, folks are taking interest in new games, and I’m down with that. You’ve also got holiday travel and college/HS finals coming up, so I don’t expect some miraculous attendance turnaround in the near future. Despite this bit of doom-and-gloom, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic that come 3.3, ICC *should* revitalize a lot of folks for raiding. I know it will for me (doesn’t hurt that our T10 is pretty cool looking :P).

WTB [Moar Optimism], plus patch 3.3. PST.

  1. November 17, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    The ToC thing is having a very similar effect on a lot of guilds – it seems to be the same on pretty much every blog I read. ToC is too easy and boring so folks don’t sign up, which makes ToGC too hard and further discourages sign-ups. It’s a horrible vicious circle. Ironically when ToC was released, my guild was still really enjoying Ulduar and had no wish to go anywhere new. I think we still prefer it to To(G)C. A lot of folks are pinning a lot of hopes on Icecrown.

    Congratulations on being a GM now! And, well, good luck! Because you’ll need it 😉

  2. November 17, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I was starting to feel and witness some degree of burnout with Ulduar around the time ToC arrived (although doing Uld 10 hard modes back then was a blast; challenging yet doable). By the time October rolled around, though, the shoe was on the other foot; the loathing of ToC began, and memories of Ulduar were more positive. Funny how that worked out.

    I can definitely tell I’ll need good luck with this GMing gig, heh. Thanks. 🙂

    • November 23, 2009 at 9:23 pm

      A little late, but: you have everyone’s support. Think of Brian’s role as a GM in Shenanigans? Yes, there’s some responsibility involved… but you’re a good enough person to pull off not being too rough.

      That’s kind of what my fear was, if I had become GM. I’m not an angry person, but I didn’t really feel like making sarcastic, disparaging remarks the only thing to “teach” with.

      But then again…

      • Kaydin
        December 4, 2009 at 4:51 pm

        “I’m not an angry person”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kitt, you make me laugh. Thanks for that! (Luv you!)

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