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Initial Tier 10 Stats

The initial stats for Tier 10 sets are out now, and looking at the stats for the Elemental set…not too bad. It’s awful crit heavy, though, similar to Tier 8, only the set bonus this time isn’t as “omgwtfwtbasapplox”.

Comparison of ilvl 245 T9 base stats (found here) vs ilvl 261 T10 (found here; had to do the following math myself…adding is hard, right?):

Spell Power: T9 629, T10 767. Nice gain here. 3k spell power completely unbuffed will easily be attainable.
Crit: T9 213, T10 396. Almost double the crit rating, which is the lesser of our dps stats…a gain is a gain, but still.
Haste: T9 292, T10 256. Boo for haste loss, but the stupid huge amount of crit gain *should* offset that.
Hit: T9 239, T10 164. Looks like the whining about the ungodly amounts of hit on the previous 2 tiers has been noted. I don’t see this being a big deal, though. The rep ring from Ashen Verdict will have hit, and it should be easily accessible for anyone that will assemble 5/5 T10.

If I could reallocate stats on the T10 set, I would opt to swap the crit on the gloves for haste. This would make T10 a stat gain to every dps stat we have. It’s PTR, so changes can happen, but even if my idea falls on deaf ears (which I expect it will, honestly), I won’t lose any sleep over it.

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