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From Bi-Polar Raid to Bi-Polar Guild, Patch 3.3, and The Difference a Good Raid Night Makes

During the course of this weekend, things were looking grim as to the future of our guild. Recent departures, coupled with folks being locked down with RL obligations have led to us being short of people quite often. I had to entertain the idea of having to downsize the guild to 10 mans only, which I believe could be disastrous for our guild. Not an offense to anyone that only does 10 man content, of course; it’s that most of our members joined with the idea they would be in a guild that progresses through 25 man content as it’s priority, with 10 man stuff being icing on the cake. Downsizing our guild would most likely lead to a lot of departures…or at least that’s my gut feeling on the idea.

Despite the massive amount of negativity I had swirling around my mind, we managed to have a plethora of folks online last night, so we were able to head back into TOGC to pick up where we left off last week with Faction Champs. Took us a few tries and some strategy tweaks, but we managed to pull it off and finally put those guys down for the count. Even though I sounded rather monotone about the whole thing, I am ecstatic about getting that fight out of the way before today, since 3.3 is going live. It’s the morale boost I think we needed after the past week’s goings-on. It’s a great feeling to enter new content on a high note like that.

Patch 3.3 goes live today, and with it we’ll most likely experience our server being unplayable until tomorrow or even Thursday (we couldn’t do anything in Ulduar for 2 days when 3.1 came out due to lag and whatnot). I did not get to try out the PTR, so I’m eager to play with Fire Nova and see how I can make it work. I’m also eager to check out the new 5 mans, especially on my alts, since there are a plethora of upgrades available for them. I’ll clear them all on my shaman for acheesements, of course. That, plus I’ll be able to farm the last bit of triumph badges needed to round out my pvp gear…rawr!

Here’s hoping today’s patch won’t be as much of a clusterfuck waiting to happen as previous patches. I’m sure that’s asking a lot, but I don’t see the harm in thinking optimistically. 😛

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