Profession-wise, I’ve been a bit of a slacker this expansion. I have 450 Leatherworking, which has it’s perks, plus I’ve become the go-to guy for the guild as far as leatherworking goes (I have all but one of the raid patterns from this expansion). The fur lining “enchant” is on par with Blacksmithing (save for the fact BS gives you more versatility, ie you can go with 40 haste on a resto set) and is only a smidge behind JC for raw stat increases.

So how am I a slacker? Simple: Skinning. Hooray for 40 more crit rating!

I’ve been considering dropping skinning on-and-off for a while now, but I’ve never been keen on losing a gathering profession. However, I’ve made little money off of skinning, and leather stacks go for less than what a daily makes now (and I suspect this will happen in Cataclysm, too). That said, I have several options open as far as replacing skinning goes:

  • Engineering, BS, and JC: I have 2 toons with 450 mining, so gathering ore wouldn’t be a problem. I already have BS on my paladin and Gobling Engineering on my warrior, so the former two would be redundant. JC is in the same boat, because literally half my guild has JC as one of their professions.
  • Inscription and Alchemy: I have Herbing on my 71 druid and my 64 priest. The former has Inscription at 410 already, while the priest is closing in on 350 alchemy.
  • Tailoring and Enchanting: Once again, redundant, for I have a 60 lock with 375 tailoring and 385 enchanting, lol. We have a designated go-to guy for all guild tailoring and enchanting needs, anyhow (similar position I have with LW).

Long ago, I was leaning towards picking up JC, but that was back when the Dragon’s Eye gems were overpower-I mean prismatic and you could use +32 spell power gems in blue sockets to gain shit tons of SP over any non-JC. So what am I favoring now?

Gnomish Engineering. 😀

It’s not that I have some fetish for gnomes (I’ve never played one in 5 years of playing WoW), but it would give me access to any and all Engineering plans/schematics/items/etc. Also, with the release of ICC, the epic arrow patterns from the Ashen Verdict require an engineer to be of the Gnomish flavor. With 2 Primordial Saronite, I could take care of our hunter’s ammo needs. This would work really well, for both of our current raiding hunters have skinning as a profession, so in exchange for providing them with ammo, they could supply me with leather if I were in need of it.

Having Engineering on my warrior, I’ve come to love all the versatility it provides with the different “enchants” that are available. Being that I’m an avid PVPer (at least in BGs and Wintergrasp, where it’s no holds barred aka all Eng items are available for use), the profession would be of much more value in comparison to 40 crit rating.

What I would gain in exchange for dropping that 40 crit:

  • EXPLOSIVES…Boom boom BOOM! Seriously, though, the frag belt tinker would give me unlimited grenades that cause a 3 second aoe incapacitate. That’s if I run out of regular bombs, which are dirt cheap to make. My warrior can make the new goblin sapper charges, which will be baller for Strand and (to a lesser extent) WG.
  • Better cloak enchant: I would drop 23 haste for 27 spell power, which also comes with a parachute feature on a 1 minute cooldown. No more fall damage for me. 🙂 Losing the haste sucks, but with all the new gear we’ll be getting, I expect the 27 sp to become more valuable as we approach the soft cap for haste (where LB is at 1 second casts during BL).
  • The best hand enchants: 340 haste for 12 seconds in PVE, and a fucking hand mounted rocket launcher for PVP. Both are off of the GCD, although I am trying to find out if EM and the haste tinker/enchant can be used simultaneously. Rocket + Lava Burst is the definition of burst damage, heh. Supposedly the rocket goes off of spell crit, too…hmm…
  • Jeeves: I have yet to farm this bugger up on my warrior, but it’s an invaluable utility for any raid, and as guild leader, anything I can do to help folks out like that would be dandy. Now to farm gold for a Traveler’s Mammoth…wait, I can farm mats to level Eng for cheaper and still have the repair options.[/li]
    [li]Rocket Boots: If you’ve seen them in action, you know you want them. Best escape mechanism ever, and no, I have not been killed by Icehowl in heroic ToC, so I don’t need them for that, thank you very much. 😛
  • Mote/eternal gathering: I could snag extra eternals once I can make the mote extractor.
  • Roflcopterz: 2 more mounts available that would get me closer to that blasted 100 mount achievement…and let’s face it: The damn roflcopter looks funny as shit flying around. Too bad it’s only 280% speed instead of 310% like my rusted proto… 😦

I’m probably forgetting some other cool stuff, but all the utility Engineering provides is just so damn awesome in Wrath. In BC, it was all about the goggles: They did something, and that something was kick serious ass (BiS for many classes well into T6, then you got upgrades for them if you raided SWP). Back in vanilla WoW, the utility was there, but it usually blew up in your face (anyone remember the old Goblin Jumper Cables? Did they EVER work? :-P).

I wonder how quickly I’d be able to level engineering now…I managed 1-350 in a span of 24 hours when I switched my warrior from BS to Engineering right before WOTLK came out. I expect it to be a bit slower for my shaman, mainly because I’m broke and don’t have a lot of old mats stowed away. I’m off work next week though, so I should have it done by then. 🙂

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  1. December 30, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Just so you know, if you buy the arrow recipe then switch to gobbo engineering, you lose the arrow recipe. Non-retrievable.

    • December 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm

      Thanks for the head’s up on that. I had already speculated that, plus I already have goblin engineering on my warrior (now to get him to honored…a-durr!). Hopefully you didn’t find out about the switch costing you the arrow pattern the hard way, though. 😮

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