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The Holiday Lull (or Lulz)

Haven’t updated in what seems like a while…I’ve been busy with all this crazy holiday stuff going on. A wonderful week off from work last week (which only seemed like 1 day off) had me out and about, but when I wasn’t, I was busy burning away time in-game.

Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Alt Season! FIRE!!!

Alt-itis has picked up since 3.3 released with 3 new heroic 5 man dungeons along with heroics new and old throwing triumph badges at adventurers. With lots of folks being out and unavailable to raid, alt season has been in full swing, and will continue to be until next week, when the holidays are over and the next wing of ICC is unlocked for our raiding pleasure.

I’ve been hard at work on my alts, namely my warrior, which I’ve decked out with every useful badge upgrade available, and will be “complete” with 2 BOE acquisitions as far as DPS gear goes, although the expertise ring from heroic HoR would be nice if I wanted to run an Incite build again. His PVP set is also fully kitted out, and awaits the release of Arena Season 8 before any more upgrades become available (I don’t do arena seriously, if at all). Tank set netted 2 upgrades from ToC 10 last night, including a chestplate that replaces the one I got on him in Naxx almost a year ago, heh.

My paladin has come along well, too, although he now has the ugly problem of having waaaaaay too much hit rating; at one point, I believe I was at 457 hit. A huge majority of that is from the polearm “upgrade” I obtained on him from heroic HoR; the axe from heroic PoS would be much better (although I would much rather have the OEB from Ony…mmm). Tanking gear is pretty well rounded out, although I’m going to snag the armor trinket and hopefully also the trinket from heroic PoS. I’m fortunate that my paladin’s tanking gear is well off enough to allow him to tank ICC (10 at least), unlike my warrior…despite our best efforts, my warrior requires WAY too much healing to be in there (although we did get 3/4…my gimp tank + subpar/alt dps = Saurfang wins).

My new favorite alt at this time would be my warlock. I joined 2 guildies leveling druid alts (one a tank, the other healing) via dungeon farming (only doing quests that pertained to the dungeons) over the weekend and managed to gain 3-almost-4 levels, even having had rest xp run out. I also respecced him from Affliction to Destruction for the dungeon running…holy hell, the damage is INSANE. As I’ve gotten a firmer grasp of the rotation/priority of destro casting (plus gear), dps went from 800ish to consistently around 1k…and this is at level 65. It doesn’t hurt I also leveled tailoring and enchanting on him to where he has ring enchants and cheap yet epic leg enchants…a gain of ~100 spell power. Oh, and he has full heirlooms, too. Chaos Bolt crits (upwards of 5.5k) are virtually guaranteed to pull aggro, and sucessive crits of Conflag and/or Incinerates will do the same.

Raiding…oh wait

Last week consisted of nothing but ICC; 1 25 man, and 3 different 10 mans, one of which was last night. Sadly, as previously mention when blabbering about my pally, my warrior was pretty much carried through as a tank, and it eventually bit us on Saurfang. This week may only be 10 mans; attendance is hampered being that we’re in the heart of the holiday season now. Next week should be interesting, though; hopefully folks will show up energized and ready to rock, especially being that a new wing of ICC will be available.

Having to cut this off here due to work…and lack of idea. More later on!

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