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Back on The Treadmill

I had this post typed up yesterday, but doing so while at work let to it disappearing amidst the shitstorm of stuff I had to do at the time, so I’m posting a tl;dr version of what I had written up:

  • New wing open in ICC today. Hopefully we can get some time spent on it today; if not, there’s tomorrow.
  • Warrior and pally are almost fully decked out thanks to the badge system. Warrior lacks 3 tanking pieces, while pally lacks one. Pally also could use Furious PVP items, but those aren’t a big rush
  • I’ve added tailoring, enchanting, and inscription to my in-game profession portfolio via my warlock and druid. 450 enchanting (with all major Northrend enchants save for the Ulduar tank ones) on a level 66 = lulz.

Argh…the work shitstorm has returned, so adios for now!

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