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3.3.2 – First Impressions, Good and Bad, plus Itemization Fail

So 3.3.2 is upon us now, which means raiding guilds worldwide are now able to finally flex their muscle against the Lich King himself (and defeat him, as shown here).

One very pleasant change with this patch concerns pvp gear. Folks like yours truly that enjoy Wintergrasp and BGs, yet despise arena play, aren’t completely shut out of the gearing equation like previous WOTLK arena seasons. All of the previous season’s gear is available without requiring arena rating (although the better pieces do require arena points still), save for weapons, which were sadly removed and replaced with current season weapons. At this point, I don’t see the harm in having left the previous season’s weapons available in some (less expensive; say honor points only) form. Even the ilvl 245 weapons would be a very nice upgrade to most everyone’s pvp sets. I’m personally fine for getting away with using my raiding weapon and shield for pvp, but they’re also much higher ilvl than their pvp counterparts. Sure, the pvp weapons could very well be upgrades for folks for pve, but pvp weapons are nowhere near as well itemized as they were back during TBC. The big complaint with WOTLK pvp has been burst damage, and that it’s too high; those 245 weapons are worth a solid amount of resilience for most folks (~100 from 245 items) and in most cases, more stamina.

Being the ingenious bastard that I am, over the course of the past arena season, I managed to not only cap honor on my shaman (75k), but I also managed to farm up 215 Wintergrasp honor tokens via shards and marks of honor. That’s an additional 430k honor there. I also had 2 more similar tokens from arena points I had left over. For those wondering how the hell one can accumulate so many of those tokens…well, I have 3 level 80s, so that’s 3 characters that are able to do the Wintergrasp quests each week. My 2 alts are also capable of tanking, so when I tank heroics while we have the Essence of Wintergrasp, the shards come flowing in. I’m also able to fill out part of their pvp sets via badges, so it really helps with catching them up some on gear. Despite the seemingly enormous amount of honor I had saved up, I burned through every bit of it on Tuesday; I netted every upgrade possible for my shaman, then 3 pieces each for my paladin and warrior. Quite a fun little shopping spree. 🙂

The Shamanism buff is noticeable. I don’t have any concrete numbers/logs/etc. to back that statement up, but it was clear to me that most of my casts were hitting noticeably harder. Now if I’d update my Recount and find an officer that can actually run logs without fubaring the task… 😛

Later that evening, the loot table for the Lich King finally became public knowledge…and with it comes disappointment for elemental shaman, least those in 25 man raid guilds. Once again, the end boss caster weapon is a sword. Thus, the best weapon available will be the dagger from the 10 man version of the LK fight. Needless to say, I’m disappointed in the decision to have that particular sword be…well, a sword, rather than a dagger. Were it a dagger, it would make it viable for priests, druids, and us shaman, of course, although it would take it out of the picture for paladins. Not a big deal, if you ask me, since paladins could opt in for the mace. The caster staff that is available is loaded with spirit, so that takes it out of the equation also. Our enhance brethren can look forward to beautifully itemized weapons: Main hand Fist from 10 man and an axe from 25.

As for me personally…it will be a long time before I may even get a crack at a weapon upgrade: The dagger from LK on 10 man heroic difficulty. Kinda silly that the only clear upgrade I have would be that, but them’s the dice, I suppose.

All in all, I do hope in future encounters where the end boss is the weapon pinata that the itemization team takes a better look at what they make available. We elementals really got crapped on, followed closely by our shadow priest and boomkin friends (they at least have talents and such that make the staff from LK 25 viable).

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