Squeaky wheels get grease

As noted by my previous entry, the Lich King loot table for the 25 man version of the encounter was a huge disappointment for elemental shaman (along with our feathery boomkin friends and dark side priests, to name a few). Looks to me that Blizzard listened to the player base and have made revisions to some of the items:


Makes sense for the be-all-end-all boss of the expansion to drop ideally itemized weapons for pretty much all classes/specs.

While I’m stoked for the change, it brings me to another squeaky wheel that is about to be greased. For nearing 2 years now, I have raided almost non-stop, culminating with my ascension to GM of my current guild. That time will be coming to an end as of the end of this raid week. When it’s a struggle to wake up each day for work due to getting 7 hours or less sleep, it takes it’s toll. I found myself awake at 4AM Monday morning due to some indigestion, and during the time, my brain kicked into gear with the thought of “So what are we doing for a raid tonight?”. Other reality checks include 2 good friends of mine, who recently joined as FnF (Friends and Family), got a bit of cold feet about raiding with us when I ran my schedule across to them. They had raided before and enjoyed it, but weren’t too thrilled about commiting over 3 hours a night 4 nights a week to progression raiding.

I’ve missed out on a lot of things. I have a copy of Dragon Age I have yet to bother playing, and picked up Mass Effect 2 this week. I’d like to get around to those. I also find myself rushing home from the gym after work in order to get some “me” time playing WoW, where I can dabble around with pvp, achievements, or whatever else I want, before I have to get ready to raid. The list goes on. If I want to work that list down, I have to let go of something, and the raid schedule is it.

I won’t drop out of raiding completely, but I’ll probably resort to the occasional raid on weekends with friends. Such raiding can be quite successful, though; our original Ulduar 10 “supergroup” (which was ~1 week from being on Algalon last July) was comprised of folks that were all good friends over the years (Once two of those had to quit wow, though, the group pretty much crumbled, and I only just got Starcaller this past Monday). If I’m not out and about on weekends, I wouldn’t be opposed to a quick romp through ICC with good friends. I think that would be fun. It is actually what our former GM (who I took the reins from) and other officers have wanted to do for a long time, but I was never aware of it. The one thing we all have in common, though, is we let WoW become a responsibility; we felt we HAVE to be there, that we are that critical to the success of the guild’s raids and whatever endeavors. I’m always super happy when I see a guild raid I’m not in accomplish something, such as defeating a new boss. I can’t remember a single time thinking “OMG I wish I was there…QQ”. I went on hiatus from wow for a 3-4 month span a few years ago and missed out on Kael and Vashj kills when those fights were top progression. Missing out on seeing the Lich King take a dirt nap won’t be the end of life for me.

The next week will be shaky for our guild. I’m looking at having to promote 3 new officers and pass GM over to one of our current officers. As cold and pessimistic as it may seem, I expect we will have some folks go “noes, guild iz dying” and take flight to other guilds. I also think there are folks that are happy with the guild environment and the people within it that they will stick around. We shall see within the next week.

I do have a feeling of selfishness with my decision to step down, but it’s for my own health and sanity. I feel pretty certain folks will understand that.

Anyhow, my work day is coming to an end, so away I go!

  1. February 16, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Don’t feel bad about that. It’s supposed to be a game, not a job. Your health (and RL) always need to come first. Hope you enjoy your “retirement” from your GM post. 🙂

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