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So much for getting to bow out gracefully. I have not been able to make my intentions known to the majority of my guild, for we had 2 folks /gquit due to an officer promotion they apparently had a bone to pick with. No concrete evidence was given to oppose said promotion aside from “I don’t like that person”, which doesn’t fly unless everyone in the guild shared the same opinion (and at that point, why would that person even be in the guild still?).

I have bulked up our officer core with people that I have 100% confidence in were we in a position that we need them to lead a raid. They are able to get points across to fellow guildies without being condescending and/or antagonistic. Were I to completely fall off the face of the planet or whatever, I feel the guild is in good hands regarding our officer core. I won’t be doing that, though. 😛

Unfortunately, with the previously mentioned departures, we are now at a critical level of needing recruits…and having browsed several blogs this morning, we are not the only ones. I’ve managed to work out an agreement with one of our “retired officers” in that we will alternate days we raid; he raids Monday and Tuesday, I raid Wednesday and Thursday. Both of us are reeling from the burnout blues, and we both believe that simply turning our raiding down a notch will help alleviate that. We both enjoy playing the game, and we both enjoy raiding…but both of us are feeling the wear of the raid schedule at this time.

Things seemed cheery for whatever reason yesterday, even though only 1 of our 2 10 man groups was able to assemble (and proceed to wipe on Sindragosa for what seemed like an eternity). I spent the majority of the evening piddling around and discussing potential new applicants with officers on vent. I received 3-4 tells last night from potential apps, and some of them look to be very promising. I find it strange how we go from hemorrhaging members to being able to pick folks up like it’s cool. *boggle*

Long story short, I’ll be retaining the GM hat for longer, but I can and will back down on how active I am during the week with it. We’ve mostly treated the title as a figurehead position, and I think I’m going to go that route. Besides, I look being a king. 🙂

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