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Tough Times: Finding a heir to the throne, and the ultimate in reality checks

Last week went downhill for me fast. From a good workout at the gym Tuesday to being bitten by a stomach bug Wednesday evening, rendering me worthless until the weekend. Even though I felt bad, I know it can be worse, and we had one of those things as a guild that you don’t expect: A member of our guild passed away. Said person was a good sport, enjoyed the game and all. Hard to really put the whole thing into words; I do at least want to post something, whether it’s here or on our site, though, rather than seem like I don’t care, because I do. There’s a human being behind every toon you see running by, and sometimes we forget that.

I’ve figured out that if I have any intention to step down from raiding full time, I need a replacement. For some odd reason, though, elemental shaman are almost non-existant, at least on our server. Cross server recruiting has yet to attract one, but I believe given time we’ll have one show up; at that point, it’s a matter of if they would live up to what we need. I will not claim I’m some deity-wrapped present to elemental shaman, I’m not a total slacker or scrub, either. No sense in leaving a gaping hole in our raids due to a lack of an elemental. We have all of zero warlocks now, so we would effectively lose ~140 spell power across the raid.

On a bright note, we’ve been finding solid new players almost instantly to fill the needs of folks that have recently departed. I don’t expect it to always be that easy, though.

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