Work has rendered my ability to post here almost obsolete as of late. Sure, I could post on the weekend, but I’m usually occupied with other things at that time. 😛

Cataclysm stat change preview: Overall, I’m pretty optimistic about the upcoming stat changes. Seeing the defense stat go away (and in turn making all tank classes akin to druids, where they are crit immune for bosses via skills/talents) is a major plus. Other changes to tank stats (parry and block, most notably) look promising, too. It helps to take some confusion out of all the different stats tanks need.

From a caster shaman perspective…it’s interesting. We now go from not having any use for spirit whatsoever to it being all over a healthy majority of our gear. How lovely. Elemental will convert spirit into hit via a talent change, which will be interesting. I would not be surprised to see our main regen talent, Unrelenting Storm, either changed or completely removed, since we’ll have a chunk of spirit that will probably equal or exceed the regen that talent would provide.

3.3.3 Upcoming Changes: Hooray for making Elemental Oath akin to Moonkin Aura. Flame Shock’s haste benefit looks to be nice, too, although I have yet to delve into any serious discussions/posts regarding it. Now if only our continued love/hate relationship with Totem of Wrath would be resolved…it pains me to know I’m capable of 10k dps if I have another ToW bitch in the raid, heh.

Progression: Not a lot of it lately. Folks not showing up = 10 mans, or no raids at all. Boooooo. There is also no heir to the throne (a replacement elemental shaman) in sight on our server. Durrrrrr. Have to admit that getting decent hours of sleep now that I don’t raid to the point I get <7 hours of sleep is pretty damn nice. It's critical to get plenty of sleep on days that I work out.

Adios for today!

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