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Oh yes, I have a blog…Also, look before you poach

Not a lot of ground-shaking stuff going on in my neck of the woods as of late. Work has tapered off some today to where I could post about…well, not much, heh.

Progression has hit a plateau once again, but this week wasn’t going to get much done, anyhow, being 2/3 of our officers are out on various vacations this week. The talent pool on Ysera has shown to have some diamonds in the rough, but for every one of those, there’s at least 5 people that apply and make me scratch my head. Don’t be misled by our guild name; we take our raiding seriously. What’s strange to me is how some classes/specs seem to be non-existant: Boomkin, warlocks, and elemental shaman all come to mind.

I (finally) have 4 piece T10, and I ended up picking up my set gloves so I could iron out a hit set (for those raids where no shadow priest or boomkin is present). Next on my list looks to be the healing trinket, but it’s quite a nice feeling not having to run random heroics every single day, so it’s going to take a backseat. Either that, or perhaps I start stocking primordial saronite and put Shadow’s Edge in my warrior’s hands. 😛

On the alt front, I’m looking to acquire a second 2h weapon and go fury once again on my warrior, with an arms pvp build for pvp lulz. Haven’t given my paladin much love as of late, although I did fill in on a Ulduar 10 hard mode group and got a couple of those done. If I weren’t lazy, I could probably have rusteds on both of my current 80 alts (the warrior and paladin). Tonight, though, I may have the red proto on my paladin, which will make me 3 for 3 as far as red protos on my 80s goes. Picked up dual spec for my next 2 80s, which will be my druid and warlock; tank/feral dps for the former while the latter added an affliction build to go along with destro. Cat DPS looks to be a massive headache, especially compared to my shaman; I will probably have a pvp resto spec on him at 80. Keeping him as a bear because I intend for him to become my primary tanking toon eventually. As for my warlock, for whatever reason, dpsing with him is fun, whether it’s destro or affliction. I’m starting to gravitate toward the latter for the self healing, plus with all the talents + heirloom gear for Seed of Corruption, trash packs are a blast…so long as the tank can hold aggro, heh.

Regarding the other alts, they are coming along slowly. The 68 priest is this weekend’s goal; I want to level his alchemy so that I have a flask bot available. That said, I’m probably going to make him a transmute master; I’m thinking it can produce gobs of cash if I get procs on making gems or titanium. I also have 2 64s, my DK and hunter. I’m pretty crappy with the hunter, but the DK…rofl. I don’t see why folks whine about not being able to put runes on heirloom weapons…you don’t need them when you can pull 900 dps as a level 63. Sure, that may not sound like a lot of dps, but I’ve seen level 80s that can’t pull that; it makes my head hurt trying to think how people could fail that hard at this game. 😦 I have zero professions on the DK, though, and being I have every other profession in the game covered, I’ll probably level engineering on him since it can be cheap (1-450 on my shaman for 2k gold, with virtually no mats saved on my other toons). Hunter is going to be my skinning bitch, so I added LW to him for the bracer benefit plus cheap leg enchants.

Last, but not least, my baby alts; 27 rogue and 29 mage. Fortunately for them, dps queues for random dungeons at their level aren’t too terrible. One of my guildies informed me he has an up and coming prot pally just under their level, so they will have instant queues for dungeons soon enough. 🙂 Leveling Jewelcrafting (the only profession I don’t have at a decent level) on the rogue has me convinced that JC is by FAR the most painful profession to level.

As for Kaz himself, if I’m not running a random or helping out with the occasional raid (lol @ the pseudo pug for OS 3D 10 man from last night, where guildies begged me to come replace a lock doing 2k dps), I’m usually rocking out to some pvp action. This week’s raid quest was for Noth, so I once again got the opportunity to punt a flagged alliance player off of Naxx…and I did just that. 😛 Outside of that, I’m usually running BGs with friends, and we do the occasional run of arena games (only at a measly 1300 rating after ~60 games). Word of advice to any aspiring pvp elementals: Don’t do 2s. Save yourself the headache. Painful doesn’t begin to describe how awful 2s are as elemental. 3s and 5s are very much doable with the right teammates, though.

Last, but not least, a word to would-be recruiters for raiding guilds: If you’re going to attempt to poach someone from another guild, it’s probably wise to look them up on armory and see your would be “recruit” doesn’t have clout within their current guild…yes, I had a guild try to recruit me to theirs, with the person recruiting being oblivious to the fact I’m GM of LE. I mean, you’d think there would be some sort of web page where you can see members of a guild and what rank they hold within the guild…oh, wait.

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