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Cataclysmic Shaman Changes

We were the first, you know…the first to have their preview for Cataclysm revealed.

Full post found here.

    New Spells:

  • Primal Strike: Wait, so it’s no longer LB > LB > Shock > auto attack to level now? Took long enough. 😛
  • Healing Wave: So now there will be lesser, greater, and this as our main single target heals. Think we’ll have to see actual numbers to get a better idea of where this will leave us. I wonder what will happen with Chain Heal, since that’s really our primary heal (or maybe I’m just fail at resto :-P).
  • Unleash Weapon: Judgement of Shamanism. I expect some numbers for this to be tweaked, especially the one for Flametongue. There was enough crying about the original T9 4 piece in pvp, so why they would give us something similar as a baseline, I dunno. Perhaps health pools will increase so much that the added bit of damage to our big burst ability won’t be as noticable.
  • Healing Rain: Heh, I was already referring to Chain Heal as golden showers on the raid, and now we get this? Lulz. Even though we have decent multi-target healing, CH does have it’s weaknesses, such as when everyone’s spread out all over the place.
  • Spiritwalker’s Grace: Now this will be cool as hell, I think. Not the be-all-end-all to our woes of being a turret, but as a situational use ability, this is pretty cool. For whatever reason, though, I suspect it won’t make it live. 😦

  • Changes to Abilities and Mechanics

  • Spirit will replace MP5 as resto’s source of mana regen, and they will actually need to gear for it some instead of foregoing regen in favor of throughput pieces. About time they made spirit a useful stat for shaman
  • Dispel changes: At face value, these changes hurt. A lot. Resto being able to remove magic effects is a good thing, though, but elementals and enhancers are left out in the cold with this new movement to make healers the defensive dispellers rather than have such utility on dps classes. I expect a lot of balancing changes due to this.
  • No more cleansing totem :(: I wonder if we get some other water totem since we lose out on cleansing. Doubtful, but you never know.
  • No more Totem of Wrath…sorta: FINALLY. We get to use dps fire totems and still provide the spell power bonus to our groups, only it will actually scale a la Demonic Pact. Sad that it won’t go in until Cata. I do wonder what will happen to the 3% crit from ToW, though…I suspect we will lose that altogether.
  • I have not played enhancement at end game in any form, but having looked over spreadsheets/forums/etc. to learn a bit about it, they definitely need to thin out all the shit you have to do in order to dps well as enhance. When you need a mod to actually help you do well with the priority system (Shock and Awe), then I think you have a design problem. I am not bashing enhance in any way; in fact, for how painful it can be to pull it off well, I think it should be able to eek out a bit more dps.

  • New Talents and Talent Changes

  • Elemental Reach: With Flame Shock at 40ish yards, LB/CL at 36, shocks at…25, IIRC, Hex and searing totem at 20…yeah, this would be nice.
  • Earthquake: Seriously, did someone at Blizzard attach a probe that delved into my thought process? I remember mentioning on guild vent during Ulduar that Earthquake could be a good elemental AoE…and here it is. I would expect it to work like a mage’s Blizzard, but it could work like Flamestrike, or maybe it will be something weird enough that it is it’s own spell. Looking forward to this for PVE.
  • Spirit Link: Yay, SL is back! I never got to monkey with it during Wrath beta, though. I’d expect it to work akin to Hand of Sacrifice, but cooler since it is a shaman ability. 😛
  • Spirit = Hit: Makes sense, because that allows resto and elemental shaman to share all caster mail.
  • Ancestral Knowledge: Makes sense, I suppose. Lose some scaling with deeper talents as the trees currently stand, though (which most likely won’t be the case come 4.0).
  • No more Enhancing Totems: No more SoE totem knocking down Horn of Winter only to have folks go out of range or the totem destroyed therefore losing the buff.
  • No more “passive bonuses”: Nice to see our talent trees get cleaned up some since mastery can be used to take care of such talents that increase damage/crit/etc.

  • Mastery Passive Bonuses

    These look good overall. Enhance Nature damage one seems a bit bland, though. Resto looks like the prime example of how mastery can work. For elemental, the crit one could do a lot of neat things, such as crit damage modifier, or provide a dot akin to 4 piece T8 or a mage’s ignite. Maybe the latter will be a new talent. 🙂

Overall, looks fairly promising. The whole dispel change announced a day or so before had me really nervous (and still does), but all the upcoming changes quelled my fears of having to change mains due to my current main getting shit on.

Couple of points:

Elemental Mastery: Wonder if it will get buffed to make it more useful. A 10-15% damage increase would be pretty slick, although I wonder if it would make it OP for pvp. Hooray for balancing 2 game aspects that are so incompatible.

Hex: With all the defensive dispelling that will be available, Hex doesn’t look to be too nice now given it’s short range and (the real killer) a 45 second cooldown. A talent to reduce the cooldown would be nice.

Flame Shock: With how often we will get FS dispelled, I wonder if Lava Flows may change. I suspect it won’t since we’re getting so many other methods of increasing damage, but who knows.

Well, back to work I go; figured I would finish this post up real quick during a somewhat slow work day, heh.

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