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All Good Things Come to An End; No more 25s

Last night, I finally hunkered down and stopped delaying the inevitable by announcing that my guild will no longer be fielding scheduled 25 man raids.  I have been fighting off the decision for several months, but with less and less time to dedicate to running the guild, we’ve dwindled down to the point where people are having other priorities that are taking precedence (both in game and in real life), so I went ahead and pulled the plug.

Recent announcements with how raid lockouts and raid/pvp currencies are going to work have helped ease the pain of making this decision.  I believe the WoW community may be in for a big surprise at how many guilds are in similar situations to mine and will downsize to 10 man raiding exclusively.  Many of my fondest raiding memories stem from 10 mans, from claiming our guild first Gorehowl, to all the runs through ZA (sorta miffed I never bothered to get in on a bear mount run, but oh well), to our super star Ulduar 10 group last summer that was well on it’s way to rusted proto drakes, Starcaller titles and I dare say Herald of The Titans before several folks within it had to quit due to RL obligations.  Therefore, I look at this downsizing as a golden opportunity to create more fond memories.

So far, I haven’t had any anger-fueled messages over the decision.  Most of our newer recruits have gone ahead and moved to other guilds, which doesn’t bother me; in fact, I told them they could list me as a reference if needed.  Several of our longer-term members look to be staying, since they enjoy the social atmosphere of the guild.  I expect we may have some folks leave that may surprise us, but on the flip side, I may have surprised them with this decision.  An eye for an eye, if you will.

In other news, I managed to straighten out a conundrum I had created when I went about setting up another round of Recruit a Friend, so now I get to tinker around with dual boxing again.  I may as well put it to use since I had to pay for it, although I figured out last night that I will not get my 2 seater rocket until the first week of June, since the payment for the months of play time won’t take effect until then.  😦  Oh well, I’ll still get the rocket mount (I had already turned in my previous RAF mount token for a Zhevra almost 2 years ago), and I’ll have even more alts at my disposal that I won’t have time to play.  😛

Current plan is to dual box shaman and mage, speccing the shaman elemental (Oh cmon, what else would you expect? :-P) and the mage frost, therefore focus firing any mob down into the dirt.  Don’t think it will be as effective as my previous dual box setup (hunter/priest), but it should be fun.

Anywho, that’s all for now; figured I’d post something since it’s been almost a month since my last update, heh.

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