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Hiatus Aftermath, and Cataclysm Spoilers Galore

The decision to suspend 25 man raiding has come at quite a cost; we had the initial batch of folks who left for other guilds that comprised mostly of new folks. After some time has passed, though, we’ve had folks that decided to leave that was somewhat of a surprise; their main reason for leaving was to pursue 25 man content, though, and many of said surprise folks were leaving alts behind in our guild, so it’s apparent they still want to keep in touch. I’m totally fine with that, for most all of those folks are considering only doing 10 man content come Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm…the roof has been blown off the cover of the Friends and Family alpha. Ooodles of screenshots of new and revamped areas are out and about, and most all of them look pretty solid at this point. While discussing Cata, though, a friend of mine (who has quit wow for several months) made the argument of “How long will people play Cata since it’s mostly regurgitated content?” Hard to say, really. I intend to play a goblin and worgen just to see all the starting areas (hell, I still have yet to complete the draenei starting areas, heh). The problem I have is with my current server, I have the full allotment of 10 characters that I can have on a single server, and most of them I will not delete due to having leveled professions on said characters. I’m one profession away (Jewelcrafting) from having literally every profession leveled up to max level, and I’d like to keep it that way. Also…I really REALLY don’t care to level another character ever again, and if I do, it will be via dungeon crawling. Repetitive as they may be, I find it far more fun to group up and tackle dungeons then solo quest my way through levels. I blame my months-long grind for Loremaster for my feelings towards questing now. 😛

Some of the initial new talent set ups are out, and shaman are among the classes with their talent trees revised some. I’m expecting some QQ from the pvp community over 2 things, though: Earthquake, and it’s 30% chance to knock someone down that takes damage from it, and Lava Surge. Lava Surge is basically our form of the ret paladin T10 2 piece bonus, where our FS ticks have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on Lava Burst. Now if health pools are indeed greatly enlargened for everyone across the board, by the time we get to 85 the possibility of chaining several LvBs together in a short time span won’t be as scary a factor as it sounds. However, as much as I like to be optimistic, I foresee Lava Surge either being changed or removed. I almost want to say Earthquake will lose the knockdown component, but it is a talented ability compared to Blizzard, which every mage gets; therefore, it should have an extra flair/component to it. If people are dumb enough to stand in it, then they deserve to get knocked down.

Cata is only in it’s infant stages in terms of playable form, so there’s bound to be a LOT of changes between now and release. So far, so good, if you ask me.

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