Battling Raiding Burnout

The acronym of this post’s title is rather ironic…

As I indicated in previous posts, I’ve been wanting to pass on the whole raiding thing for quite a while now. I’m now able to do that since calling off guild raiding. Our former GM has decided he would like to resume handling the reins, and being that he’s more interesting in raiding now than I am, he would be better suited to running the show…rather, what’s left of it.

I am not quitting WoW as a whole…far from it, actually. I’m finding all sorts of little things to do to pass the time, whether it’s pvp or working on random achievements. If I’m not doing that, I’m putzing around on one of my bazillion alts. The game is still fun, but I’ve just lost the desire to raid constantly. I may do one raid a week of ICC 10 on one of my alts, though…getting rep towards those uber rings would be nice.

Part of the burnout is due to having to always salvage a raid group with <25 folks on, relying on FnF members to make it happen. Part of it's also ICC itself; everything there sans Lich King is boring to me (the only thing saving the LK from being a boring fight is the lore; you're fighting THE villian of the expansion and many events/games before that). I also believe part of it is Cataclysm; the more I see and read of it, the more I look forward to it and would rather just chill until it is out.

Despite how bad the term burnout sounds…I'm actually having a lot of fun with the game right now. Part of that has to be the "weight off the shoulders" feeling of no longer having to run a raiding guild. I expect I'll be dinking around until Ruby Sanctum is out, then I'll probably wish I was in a raiding guild again, heh. Even if I did, the selection is very small on my current server. In fact, we've had several folks transfer over to the Alliance in order to keep raiding; for whatever reason, the top tier Horde guilds all raid really late (like 10PM to 1AM late), which for working folks like yours truly doesn't bode well. I've lost enough sleep over the past few months with guild leadership ponderings as it is. Also, I am a cheap bastard and do not care to pay to faction/server transfer (especially considering my mini-factory of alts :-P).

Besides, I wouldn't look good as a blueberry. I R OARK 4 LYFE! 😛

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