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Is the grass greener on the other side?

Last week, after debating over the idea for a while, I transferred my warrior over to another server to join up with a long time friend of mine. Said transfer also required me to faction change my warrior as well, since my friend plays alliance.

What made the decision hard? Well, I already had a level 76 warrior on that server. After realizing all the gear I’d have to re-farm once I hit 80, I decided to pull the plug on said 76 warrior. No point in having 2 of any class like that now since faction transfer became available. All I have left now that is a duplicate is my orc warrior from vanilla wow, who hasn’t been seriously played since I quit during vanilla 4 years ago.

So how is level 80 as alliance on a different server? Well…it’s not a lot different from where I was horde. However, Windrunner has virutally no horde on it, making Wintergrasp a complete joke. Least on Ysera, we tend to have balanced games for the most part, where there’s no massive amount of tenacity. On Windrunner you’re hard pressed to encounter a horde player with less than 15 stacks of tenacity. I could see that being fun once or twice if I were horde there, but when you lose WG 90% of the time, even 1 shotting folks would get old fast.

My biggest concern with coming over was battlegrounds. All I ever hear is how fail alliance is at pvp and that they never win and so on. Well, so far, it has not been too bad; I’ve been in some epic fail games and I’ve been in some faceroll victories. The biggest difference (aside from “Oh hey I need to kill the orcs/tauren/etc. now) is the queue times…oh man how I envy the alliance queue times. I have yet to be in queue for a random BG for more than a minute on my warrior, whereas we have a MINIMUM 10 minute wait as horde; it’s usually around 15 minutes for an average wait time. Needless to say, I’ve learned to constantly afk while queuing BGs as horde, or else run around doing daily quests or farm stuff. Sure, I could make productive use of the time, but when I want to pvp, I want to pvp, not run around with a thumb up my ass.

One of my RL friends that plays with us on Ysera moved his warrior alt to the alliance, and he’s seeing virtually the same things I see with my warrior, even being different levels and battlegroups. He’s made it clear that if it weren’t for all the friends he’s made plus having RL friends on the server, he would faction change his main in order to get in on more BG action. I can’t say I blame my friend. I mean…think of it this way. With our current queue times, we will get in 2 (maybe 3 if stupidly lucky) BGs in a hour. With a near-instant queue, we’d get in 4-5; basically, even if we only mustered a 50/50 win ratio, we’d still come out with the same amount of wins we generally do now. However, we’d spend 95% of the time actually pvping rather than having to find ways to pass the time. In some instances, I have left the house, went down to the local convenience store, picked up a snack, and returned in time to get the queue pop. I’ve also taken a shower and got back in time.

So what prevents me from changing? One, I’d lose all my Argent Tournament achievements, and for those that haven’t been around in the guild/know me well, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Argent Tournament. When you have farmed up all those damnable Champion’s Seals for every single mount they offer (and I still have 3 of the pets to obtain PLUS the tabards and banners), you quickly start hating that place/event with a passion. I do not know why Blizz couldn’t translate those achievements over when you transfer. Another reason not to change: I like being an orc shaman. Remember Warcraft 3? The “shaman” there were all orcs, in those spiffy looking tribal outfits with lightning shields up and casting bloodlust on all of your units. When I first debated creating a shaman many years ago, I found myself pulled to orc for that very reason, even though at the time everyone and their brother was like “go tauren or gtfo” or “loltroll”. Therefore, I’d find it hard to switch from the “real” shaman race to…a blueberry. 😛

On another note, the human trinket racial Every Man for Himself is wickedly good. I’m currently running the attack power variant of the Battlemaster trinket along with Deathbringer’s Will, so it’s basically a trade of 153 resil for 256 attack power and the on-use HP boost. I would love to get my hand’s on Death’s Choice…er Verdict for maximum firepower, heh.

The versatility that the human trinket racial provides has had me thinking about the different racial abilities and how there will always be imbalance in this game due to them. Were I going for pvp balance, I’d remove pretty much anything that provides a benefit in combat, hand out some form of EMFH trinket racial to all races, then call it a day. Stuff like Diplomacy, professions bonuses, etc. could remain intact (of course someone will QQ about humans getting Justicar faster than other races); shit like the 2% miss to spell schools, Blood Fury, Beserking, War Stomp, Escape Artist, expertise bonuses can hit the road. Unfortunately, such design decisions are not mine to make, for the changes I proposed would piss a LOT of people off. That, plus Blizzard has stated numerous times in the past that they want to retain racial abilities for lore and “flavor” reasons, or something of that sort. I can see their point there, but since they look to be taking a much more involved approach to pvp in Cataclysm, I would think they’d want to work on balancing things out. Again, I don’t get paid to make decisions/ideas for that, so I will sit idly by and see what Blizzard decides to do.

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