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Superman Returned; Well, so can I!

After a couple of weeks of contemplation over what I wanted to do, I have moved on (at least as Kaz) to a new guild, free of the burdens of being an officer/GM. Lowered Expectations is now a shell of it’s former self, but I remain in almost-full force there with a whopping 9 alts (3 of which are 80).

Last night, being my first full night in my new guild, Acheron, I was invited to their ICC 25 group, which was extended from the previous week with the goal of defeating the Lich King. Well, 3 attempts later, Arthas was flat on his back, Frostmourne shattered, and Azeroth saved from the Scourge by our guild. One rather entertaining occurrence on one of the wipes was when I was carted off by a Val’kyr to be dropped to my death, only to be scooped up by a second Val’kyr as I was falling to my death, which then carries me further away and drops me. I guess they were making sure I didn’t try any ninja haxz tactics or something, heh.

Another entertaining thing to do: If you have the Iron Boot Flask, use it after the fight is over, stand over Arthas’ face, then /dance. You will bear witness to THE perfect teabagging. 😛

The big surprise was that I was awarded 1 of the 2 Protector Marks that Arthas coughed up. The entire caster corps wet their pants, for we had both the mace and sword drop along with those two marks. I honestly expected to go home empty handed, and wouldn’t have been a bit dissappointed if I did. I suppose someone among the loot council noticed my whopping 1/5 sanctified (264) T10, the one being my chest that I upgraded in…jeez, this past December, 2-3 weeks after ICC had been out. I’m licking my chops for another crack at that mace, though…heh.

Besides from now having heroic 25 man encounters unlocked, I also look forward to 10 man hard modes. Some folks in the guild already have their frostwyrm mounts, and I’m eager to add to that total.

I can also say that I have not felt so relaxed and care-free in a raid in quite a long time…a good 8-9 months, which coincides with when I took the reins of GM for LE. It is so nice being able to simply show up, bring the consumables, bring the A game, blow stuff up, then call it a day. It’s funny how once you drop all the feeling of responsibility in this game…it’s a whole lotta fun. 🙂

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