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DPSing with a healer weapon: It’s an upgrade, but ewww…

As the title explains, I now find myself with a nice shiny new weapon upgrade as of this weekend. How could this be bad? When it’s heroic Midnight Sun (normally I link to Wowhead but as of the moment I’m posting this, it appears to be down).

When I won it, I won it as an off spec roll. After doing some number crunching, I figured out I would end up gaining roughly 50 spell power after shifting other items/gems around and swapping the aforementioned dagger in, taking the place of my long-beloved heroic Barb of Tarasque. The latter dagger has served me very well over the past 8ish months, only to end up replaced by a resto weapon due to the large chunk of additional spell power provided by said resto weapon.

For whatever reason, it’s as if I had to fight an allergic reaction when the idea of using Midnight Sun over the Barb in my elemental sets (both PVE and PVP). An upgrade is an upgrade, though…but I still feel dirty for being in this situation. πŸ˜›

To cast a more optimistic light on the situation, the last time I went several months without a weapon upgrade was when I went from the Naxx 10 caster mace off KT (obtained in Jan-Feb last year) to the caster dagger that drops in heroic ToC 5 I obtained in August of last year. From there, I upgraded to the caster dagger off Faction Champs in ToC 10 about 4-6 weeks later, then I landed my Barb sometime around October or November. Perhaps our luck with obtaining the Royal Scepter of Terenas II will continue, for we are 2 for 2 in batting average terms in regards to obtaining it. Now if only there wasn’t so much competition in our raids for it, heh…we have a good 10-12 folks that could benefit from it. Maybe some of them will be quelled with heroic Bonespikes and Traumas. πŸ˜›

So, where are other options that are more dps-ish in terms of stat allocation? Well, there’s the heroic Cleaver from Sindragosa 10, a fight I have yet to do (on heroic), and it features crit and hit; not the best stat allocation, but at least it’s all dps stats. There is a gorgeous dagger in ICC 10 that drops off heroic LK…lol. Our guild is looking to piece together a group to gun for Bane of The Fallen King, but I’m keeping my expectations low (no pun regarding my old guild, I promise :-P) for now. Aside from those, the Scepter is where it’s at. Perhaps we will also get more of the caster swords to where all the holy pallies end up with one, thus removing them from the scepter running. πŸ˜›

Acheron is 6/12 in hard modes after it’s first week attempting them, and I was there for 5 of those 6. I rode the bench for Sunday’s raid until we were at LK, which sort of sucks because I missed out on a Sindy kill (which is worth 35 achievement points to me, since it’s the last one left to get) and then I had a fail performance on LK (dead after first vile spirits in P3…durr; ankh was on cd due to being slowly carried along by a Valk during transition phase 2…moar durr!). It was one of those times when RNG dealt lemons…it happens.

Sadly, Lowered Expectations is pretty much a carcass at this point. The small handful of people left with the guild tag are now looking at other options to get their raiding fix, but I do not blame them at all. Others have found other things to do and will most likely quit playing at any given time. Such is the vicious cycle of guild lifespans, though.

More to come later! I need to drum up something more elemental-focused, anyhow. πŸ™‚

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