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Woot, beta invite inc…soon

About a week and a half ago, the GM of my previous guild received an email from Blizzard informing him that his guild was one of 500 winning entries in the “Why should your guild be in the beta?” contest (the exact name of it eludes me). Being that I do my best not to burn bridges, I’m still good friends with everyone that still stuck around in LE, thus I was one of the 10 folks that will receive a beta invite in the near future.

As for what I’ll post here, it will mostly be personal experience and opinions. If folks want cold hard facts, MMO-Champion and other websites will post patch notes and the like. More than likely I will dabble around as a goblin, giving their starting area a run through, because I most likely won’t be rolling one when Cata goes live. I may also putz around in Hyjal and Vash’ir, along with any other zones I can check out. My initial plans are subject to change, though, so there’s no telling what kind of mayhem I may get myself into, heh.

Hopefully I’ll get the invite before next week, because I am off that week for birthday vacation goodness. No plans to go anywhere, so maybe I’ll have spare time to putz around on beta. 😛

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