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A week off and a really nice birthday present

Time off from work is usually nice. Sometimes it isn’t, such as for the fact it rained every single day I was off. That’s ok, though, for on the day of my birthday (this past Wednesday for all you curious folk) I logged into WoW and was informed that my beta invite should be active, so I quickly alt tabbed out, logged in the official site, and beheld a lovely Cataclysm Beta account listed on my battle.net account.

But then there was more bad news: A 650ish MB download awaited, and that was just the installer. Afterwards, I realized the beta itself would be a days-long endeavor in downloading; good thing I had hassled my ISP to help me correct my connection troubles I had the previous week. But for more good news, the installer would allow me to play starting Friday after I had downloaded enough of the client that it was in the green status.

But alas, more bad news awaited: Beta is buggy. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but some of these bugs make me scratch my head at how they got through, such as not being able to see damage done to your target unless you switch your chat window over to the combat log. No big floatie numbers over bosses when I crit all over them with Lava Burst = sadface.

Now, for more elemental-specific stuff: I only tinkered around the day before Rolling Thunder and Fulmination were added (the latter being bugged in that it damages the caster instead of their target). The new sound effect for Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning is nifty. My damage seems to be as good as it is on live, which may sound weird but I’ll touch on that in just a bit. One thing I’m not a fan of: Lava Surge. Rather, at least for questing it is next to useless. Literally every time I got a LS proc, my target was dead or on the verge of dying.

Overall, though, shaman seems ok. I haven’t made it past 80 yet, though, and I probably won’t for a while because the lack of damage text irritates me to no end, heh. Thinking that the damage text bug could be just my shaman, I logged in on my warrior and smacked a target dummy, only to verify it wasn’t just my shaman. Afterwards, I simply opened my combat text, and started wailing away…and I was dumbstruck. My warrior’s DPS looks to have dropped by 70% compared to what he can do on live. Granted, there are several factors in play; one being my gear/gems. All of the armor penetration on gear turned into haste, and all the ArP gems turned into crit. I haven’t bothered to look for a gem vendor, nor were there any on the AH, so I’m stuck with what I have at the moment. Needless to say, despite the fact fury seems more fun to play on beta, I’m looking at either arms or prot if I want to level my warrior. I’m just hoping my warrior doesn’t start out in Cata like he and others did in WoTLK, where one spec (arms) was next to worthless at 80, and it was pretty much “spec prot or GTFO”.

One thing I’m in love with, though: Flying in the “old world”. Literally the first thing I did was take a portal to Org (which will trip folks out at how it looks now; even having seen it in videos I was still surprised by it) then fly out over the Barrens, doing my best not to cackle maniacally but failing. If you quested in the Barrens when WoW was in it’s infancy, you can understand why. Back when the only flight path was in Crossroads, when you didn’t have a mount until you were level 40, when shaman and druids were envied by all due to their speed forms. You know, when every 15 minutes you had some noob in general chat screaming “WARE TEH HELL IZ MANKIRKZ WIEF!11!1”. Before all the Chuck Norris “facts” were being posted/made up. Flying over all these areas on my own, these same areas we’ve spent years trodding on foot…that alone makes WoW feel more like a WORLD.

I have not had the opportunity to try out the goblin and worgen starting zones, but those are definitely on the to do list, since the only time I expect I will do them on live is if there is a Loremaster achievement of some sort tied to them, or to bump up Kezan rep or whatever the goblin faction will be called.

I talked to a friend of mine who’s been on the beta for a good month or so, and she indicated that until this most recent build, the beta had been pretty clean in terms of bugs. Of course, the time I get in, a new build goes up and all sorts of things break. Durr…

The initial quests in Vashj’ir, while fairly unoriginal, have a sense of purpose that puts the unoriginality factor (fetch this, get that, kill these mobs while you’re at it) on the backburner; you actually feel compelled to do these quests. The visuals in the zone are very nice, especially when you are able to see further off into the depths. It’s as if you’re vacationing in the Great Barrier Reef, only it has naga swimming around wanting to kill you.

More on the Cata beta as it becomes less buggy and more playable, heh.

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