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/cast reincarnation

Oh no I didn’t…

After some RL shenanigans and talking to a friend about our WoW adventures, I’m going to give things another go…but with some changes. The key change is I am pretty much ditching any and all alts I’ve ever played. I was completely out of my mind with what I was trying to do; playing every single class at the highest level with all professions at my disposal was nothing short of insanity, the Insane title grind be damned. All the grinding on all those toons eventually took it’s toll on me, and it was showing, least to everyone but me.

So what character basket am I placing all of my eggs in? Shaman, of course. From vanilla up to now, it’s the one class I’ve enjoyed through thick and thin. That, plus I have more achievement points on my shaman than I do on all of my alts combined, heh. I can play 3 of the 4 roles in the game as a shaman, and the one that I can’t (tanking) is the least appealing of them all, anyhow; if I have an itch to relive my warrior days, enhance has that covered in it’s own cool shamanistic way.

All that said, I log on last night and had to spend 2-3 hours rebuilding my UI (I lucked out that macros are apparently stored server-side, or else my uninstall didn’t remove them despite the entire WoW folder on my PC being deleted) as well as retooling some of my gear, namely via reforging. Currently I’ve dropped crit in favor of spirit and mastery, but I’ll probably look at some ways to change some of the crit > spirit reforges into crit > mastery. I may also shave some haste off my trinkets in exchange for more mastery.

Spent some time firing at a target dummy and found I was rusty as all get-out. Currently looking into trying Power Auras and/or Event Horizon to help with keeping track of Lightning Shield charges and Lava Surge procs. I’m hoping Event Alert would do the trick, but I haven’t seen any posts to confirm/deny this. Addon requirements aside, I’m liking the new dynamics. Given time, I’m under the impression I’ll see a healthy gain in dps over what I was capable of pre-4.0. That said, I have zero numbers to back up that statement, ergo it’s merely a seat-of-the-pants feel, namely caused by “LOL 18k ES CRIT” and such reactions. I’m thinking I forgot to set up glyphs, too. Derp!

More to come as I start to regain my sobriety, because right now it’s as if I’m in some permanent state of drunk with how everything in game feels.

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