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Hey, that’s not so bad…

Remember what I said about seeing T11 on a proper shaman race?

Orc Shaman T11

Looks reminiscent of T8 in my opinion, but that’s fine by me since I like the shaman T8. I can picture my beautiful virtual orc mug shot in this screenshot and I’m confident if/when I get 5/5 T11, I’ll be looking mighty fine, heh. The shoulders look more like something I would expect of a hunter set, but I don’t mind them.

In other news, I decided to dabble some with my warrior and paladin in terms of DPSing. Paladin feels quite different with the holy power mechanic, which is taking some getting used to. Warrior, however…it’s like a good pair of work gloves that just fit and get the job done. Granted, it cost me a cool 2k gold to regem/reforge/glyph my warrior (thanks to arp gems becoming crit), but wow, was it worth it. I could take my warrior into almost any raid now and compete for top 5 dps. I was dreading the loss of armor penetration as a stat based on how anemic my warrior’s dps was on beta some months ago, but those concerns were addressed and then some.

As much as I loved the “new” Fury, I was rather disappointed with my one try at prot. AoE threat has been severely neutered, and if anyone attacked a mob other than what I was focused on, they would pull it off. This could very well be a scaling issue, too, since dps across the board has skyrocketed since 4.0. Regardless, though, I dropped prot in favor of an arms pvp spec that I’ll eventually use (warrior pvp is in my blood, heh).

Despite the bit of alt-itis, I’m not really bothering with any other alts at this time, other than to manage their mail and inventories. If I am going to have any sort of alt, it will be the warrior, and he’s DPS all the way. This does not change the fact my warrior is now an alt, though; I will be blazing my way through Cata shaman style first and foremost.

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