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Out with the Old and in with the New…Old…wait, what?

So, here we are. Tomorrow brings patch 4.0.3a, and with it comes the Shattering, which is the event in which the lands of Azeroth are permanently rearranged by the reemergence of Deathwing. We will receive a Feat of Strength if we manage to be somewhere DW shows up to scorch by standing in the fire he leaves in his wake.

The Shattering brings about the end of mount farming for several prized mounts, most notably the raptor and tiger mounts from ZG, since ZG goes from being a raid instance to a leveling area. Sadly or luckily for me (depending on whether you see the glass half full or half empty), I’m 1 of 2 regarding those mounts, the one being the tiger (which is by far the more desired of the two Horde side). Yesterday I downed Mandokir for the last time (least as a raid boss) and came up empty handed. The raptor mount was the only thing I had left to acquire in ZG; I had fished up Gahz’whatever (forget his name), killed Hakkar, acquired the tiger mount, exalted with Zandalar, and picked up a Razzashi hatchling.

Another mount that I won’t be able to obtain: the Swift Horde Wolf from ToGC 10, via Tribute to Insanity. This one’s really my fault, because it could’ve been farmed for months now. ToGC, as I came to find out merely 2 weeks ago, is a total joke in ICC 25 gear. Sadly, no one wanted to bother farming the place until it was announced the mount would be unobtainable. Shame, really, because it’s the one mount I think I would ride around on rather than the tiger.

As much as I may find not having those mounts disappointing, it’s not the first time I missed out on a now-unobtainable mount. I was around during the flurry of groups farming ZA for Amani Warbears, yet I never did get in on a group to get one. Granted, in my defense, it was as if everyone and their brother had one by the time 3.0 came out, so the mount had lost some luster at the time. Now it’s actually somewhat rare to see one, at least compared to how back in the Shattrah days you couldn’t move 5 steps without tripping over one.

On a bright note, I’ve been chewing through achievements over the past week or so, and Saturday evening I managed to partake in one of the most luck-based and aggravating achievements in all of WoW: We Had It All Along *cough*, where we won Arathi Basin 1600-1590. I’ve had at least 2 close calls getting the achievement only to be foiled at the last minute (one of which was by our own team capping a node with < 20 seconds to win). With this achievement out of the way, the path to Battlemaster got about 10 times clearer for me; I still have to net perfect wins in AB and AV, but after that it's a matter of just winning BGs for the veteran achievements (and defending towers in AV, which with 50 wins to go should be no problem obtaining).

Highlight/lowlight: The AB achievement I acquired came with the company of friends, one of which obtained Battlemaster with said victory/achievement. Unfortunately, another friend of mine got DCed and could not get back in, so he had to sit and watch as we pulled the victory off. He handled it as a good sport; although he did later put in half a dozen tickets griping about the issue. I've noticed people randomly DCing and getting booted from BGs ever since 4.0, so perhaps it's the "working-as-intended-balanced-at-85" thing going on.

In coming days I will probably post my review/opinions on WotLK. For now, I think the following video would be appropriate for the upcoming Shattering:

Also, last but not least, set your hearth back to a faction capital city (Orgrimmar, Stormwind, etc.) today, else getting out of Dalaran will be a pain in the butt due to the portals being removed (unless, of course, you play or befriend a mage).

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