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Not quite dead

So I pretty much haven’t taken much time to update this due to work and extracurricular activities going on. I recently logged back in after taking a month off from playing WoW. In that time away, I quickly realized how downtrodden I had become with the whole raid scene…T11, in my experience, is right above ToC in terms of enjoyment. I briefly looked at Firelands before going on break and with it I saw nothing that got me excited to log back in to raid.

So why did I come back to play? PVP, that’s why, and I’ve found the experience to be 100% more enjoyable being that I don’t have to be on at certain times to do anything. Queue time problems (for us Horde) have been dealt with for random battlegrounds, rated battleground participation has picked up, and the “gear grind” is nowhere near as painful as it is with raiding. On top of that, this past Saturday I attained the coveted Battlemaster title that had eluded me for so long since I could seemingly never get a group to pull off a 1600-0 Arathi Basin win (yet I had the achievement on 2 other characters…grrr). Now the painful ~16k rep I have left with the Warsong Outriders seperates me from the other title I seek before (most likely) retiring from WoW: Conqueror.

Yeah, I hear you: “Wait, you just came back and you’re already contemplating retiring again?!” Yep. There’s 3 games on the horizon that will pretty much peel me away from WoW for good, barring them being total crap somehow: Skyrim, The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. If TOR lives up to the expectations of my friends and I, then there’s no doubt I will be done with WoW for good; it’s as if Bioware devs have played WoW, found many of it’s weaknesses, and address them in their game.

On an ele note, the 4.2 buffs aimed mostly at PVP have been AMAZING. Were the spec to have some sort of defensive cooldown akin to our enhance bretheren, it would be a return to form…in force. I don’t see a defensive CD happening, though. As it is, elemental is leaps and bounds better than it was for the first tier of Cata, where it could be summed up as “go resto or go home”…which still pretty much applies, for resto is still an amazingly powerful healing spec. I will confess that I primarily play resto for pvp now, unless the random group I get in is chock full of other healers. I would even entertain gearing and playing enhance for fun if there were a triple spec, but Blizzard seems to be adamant about not having that happen.

Well, back to work I go…weee!

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