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More on the “failure” of Cataclysm

Picking up where I left off yesterday…

Rep grinds: A fixture of WoW since the very beginning. Some aren’t too bad, such as the Tol Barad red, or Alterac Valley rep. Others are a nightmare (see the Insane title). Cata introduced factions that you would gain rep for via questing; this isn’t too bad…at least the first time you quest through the zones. One rep in particular really irks me, though: Therazane. I will preface with the fact that I have not quested through Deepholm fully in a while, but to have to do 90% of the quests in that zone just to unlock the rep grind to obtain PVE shoulder enchants is asinine. At first, I thought the cost of 80 Tol Barad tokens or 2000 honor was crazy for the PVP shoulder enchants…those are cake to obtain compared to their PVE counterparts (of course, leveling inscription solves this issue altogether).

At this point each faction has nearly 60 possible reputations they could level over the course of WoW’s lifespan…I, for one, would like to see this mechanic of the game put to rest after Cataclysm. I don’t see that happening, though, since it makes for such an excellent time sink, and if there’s one thing you want to do, it’s put something out there to keep folks strung along and paying that $15 per month to keep playing.

Of course, I could simply say to hell with all the rep grinds, which I’ve doing with any alts I ever level. I will not be changing mains, ever, even if the shaman class gets beaten over the head with the nerf bat like a red headed stepchild. The class that can do everything except tank (which I’ve never really cared to do anyhow) has provided me with countless opportunities throughout my WoW career, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Engineering: What happened here? I can safely say I feel like a complete fool for having spent nearly 20k gold in early Cata to pound out my Engineering to 525, only to find that I’ve been wishing I had kept Leatherworking in it’s place and dropped Eng for Alchemy instead. Ok, I will say that Engineering was by far and away THE best profession to have in Wrath; the tinkers were absurdly powerful (Hello, rocket boots), and one could make gobs of gold during T10 by obtaining the arrow/bullet pattern from the Ashen Verdict (Yeah, back in my day, hunters had to keep quivers/ammo pouches, and their ranged weapons consumed ammo). Now the rocket boots have a ~20% chance to basically kill you (a DoT that inflicts 80% of your health in damage over 12-15 seconds, I forget which exactly), the on use shield effect is on a fairly long cd (5 mins), the tazik shocker has double the cd of it’s predecessor (and hits for squat in comparison)…to me, it sucks now. I would’ve leveled enchanting in it’s place, but I found that all the old mats I had mailed to one of my alts are now gone due to me being off the game for over a month and the mail was “returned” to an alt I deleted.

The healing “revamp”: I really believe this revamp of how healing works has put a damper on things. The healing classes are all becoming more and more homogenized, and it seems for the worst thus far. One thing has definitely been accomplished: Efficiency matters, because if you spam any heal other than the “middle” heal, you’ll be OOM in a hurry. I kinda miss each healer having their own niche, but with such niches would come guilds “requiring” such healers.

So much rambling, so little time…it’s lunch time here, so adios for now!

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